Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Are you looking to change the way you handle relationships? Are you ready to overcome challenges in your marriage or with your family? Marriage and family therapy can address behaviors and attitudes that lead to unhealthy dynamics. When paired with individual counseling, marriage and family therapy can provide excellent gains.

Marriage counseling and family therapy treat a number of different problems for Fort Lauderdale families and couples. These counseling options address everything from substance abuse in Fort Lauderdale to relationship conflict. Here are a few other issues counseling can help you manage:

  • Marital stress
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Step-parenting issues
  • Alcohol or drug misuse
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Grief
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Eating disorders and weight concerns
  • Behavioral issues in children
  • Eldercare stress
  • Mental health disorders

The first session of Fort Lauderdale family therapy and marriage counseling typically exists to collect data. The therapist collects data about the individuals attending therapy, hoping to glean as much information about the central conflicts and family dynamics as possible.

Clients can also use these sessions to gain a clear understanding of the therapist’s role in the sessions. They can determine how competent the therapist is as well as learn about any rules the therapist puts in place. Clients also learn about how their information will be handled.

Marriage Counseling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Marriage counseling in Fort Lauderdale can be highly effective in treating emotional and mental health issues in addition to marital conflict. After counseling, clients often report that they not only have happier marriages but also have better relationships at work and with friends.

If you and your spouse are looking to improve communication and other aspects of your marriage, you can see a change in intimacy and even your desire to remain in the marriage. Marital therapy does focus on your marriage, but it also compels you to find ways to improve yourself in the meantime.

Fort Lauderdale Marriage Therapy

In marriage therapy, you and your partner will learn more about each other in the hopes of gaining skills that help you resolve conflicts. You can also set goals with the therapist so that you can work toward your expectations.

In marriage therapy, each spouse will work on skills allowing them to communicate more effectively. In your sessions, you will learn how to listen and provide support to your partner. Even when conflict inevitably arises, you will work together to come to a resolution. Your therapist will remain neutral, offering counsel to both sides.

While most people attend one session per week of marriage counseling, Fort Lauderdale residents may also attend solo sessions. Individual therapy sessions also offer help many people need to improve their relationships. You can also learn skills like anger management in these therapeutic sessions.

Ultimately, you get to choose your schedule for therapy as well as your goals for treatment.  Marriage counseling in Fort Lauderdale is private and confidential as well, offering you and your spouse the opportunity to improve yourselves comfortably.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

You will find it is crucial to find a marriage counselor that provides the best fit for both you and your spouse. Your program will not be as successful if one of you is more invested in your marriage and the therapy than the other.

First, you want to work with a counselor who is trained and experienced in dealing with the issues you and your spouse face. Your counselor should also show compassion for each partner all the while offering treatment plans that benefit the marriage and not siding with one partner over the other. The sessions must allow for all individuals to have a chance to speak.

Are you unable to make it to regular weekly sessions? Marriage counseling may be available via video chat. You can virtually speak with a therapist, often at a reduced price.

Family Therapy Fort Lauderdale, FL

You may learn more from your family dynamic than you realize. You pick up on everything from the habits of your family members to their language. You also learn how to show love and affection from the way your family treats you and other members. When it comes to family counseling, Fort Lauderdale professionals understand the significance family makes.

Healthy families tend to breed healthy relationships, whereas more dysfunctional relationships tend to breed additional dysfunction. You may have more difficulty connecting with individuals if you have struggled with making healthy connections in the past.

Fort Lauderdale Family Counseling

Family counseling in Fort Lauderdale helps people address common issues that result from dysfunction. Fort Lauderdale family therapy addresses difficult issues people often need help coping with, and it can also help people going through a major transition or dealing with behavioral issues.

When you employ strategic techniques to deal with family issues, you can see rich benefits. These techniques include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and bettering of interpersonal communication. Individual therapy helps too. As a family and as an individual, you will develop goals with the intention of healing psychological, mental, and emotional wounds.

With a therapist and members of your family, you will work unitedly to build a better life together and independently. This occurs thanks to learning conflict resolution, understanding, and problem-solving skills.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Selecting the right family therapist for your group can be difficult. You have a lot to consider, so how do you know you have found the right counselor? Take into account these types of recommendations:

Insurance Company – Call your insurance company to ask about what your plan covers. As you look for counseling, you do not want to be bothered with financial strain. When it comes to searching for family counseling, Fort Lauderdale residents have options that do not have to drain the bank.

Doctor – A medical doctor can point you in the direction of a highly skilled and qualified marriage and family counselor. Doctors often have insight that only a medical professional can have.

Internet – Online referrals can net you several recommendations for excellent family counselors in Fort Lauderdale.

Friends and Family – Personal recommendations are a great way to find a new marriage therapist. Ask for some personal experiences so that you can learn more about local options that will work for you.

Do not think that turning to marriage or family counseling is a step backward. It is actually a step forward, propelling you forward as you learn new skills for managing relationships. Your problems are not impossible to overcome. Counseling gives you the chance to better your marriage and familial relationships. Get in touch with The Recovery Village today to explore counseling options in Fort Lauderdale.