Finding an Interventionist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Interventions in Fort Lauderdale are often the only way to get a loved one to seek treatment after battling drugs or alcohol. But there is often a misconception about interventions as a means of forcing an addict into rehab. Such is not the case and can paint interventions in a negative light.

Instead, an intervention in Fort Lauderdale is meant to show addicts what their behaviors and choices are doing to their lives and the lives of those who love them. Interventions can help strongly encourage addicts to seek addiction treatment in Fort Lauderdale while simultaneously helping family members understand the role that they play in their loved one’s addiction. Interventions can also help family members learn how to reverse their enabling actions and develop habits that will help create an environment that no longer encourages drug or alcohol abuse.

Interventions truly start with the family. Only after family members are able to understand how their actions have been contributing to the ongoing addiction will they finally be able to get their loved ones the help they desperately need.

Many interventionists in Fort Lauderdale have previously battled their own addiction to drugs or alcohol, so they fully understand what the addict is going through and how important it is for them to seek treatment. It is very helpful to choose an intervention counselor who is experienced in the specific drug that the addict is struggling with in order for the interventionist to be able to provide the appropriate type of support.

The interventionist should also be someone with whom everyone feels very comfortable, considering how personal the experience is for both the addict and the family members. Of course, credentials and training are certainly important, but so is personality. Family and friends know their loved one best, so they are obviously in the best position to choose the right intervention counselor to hold the intervention.

It is pretty common for interventionists to want to hold a telephone interview before the actual intervention. This will help the interventionist find out more about the addict and what exactly may have caused them to start using and continue to use. This is also a great opportunity for the family to get to know the interventionist a little more and find out exactly what the interventionist offers.

Family members are encouraged to ask a number of pertinent questions during this initial telephone interview, such as:

  • What is your experience with this specific type of addiction?
  • What type of intervention method will be used?
  • How should we all prepare for the intervention?
  • What if my loved one refuses to get help?
  • What will happen after the intervention is finished?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help family members get a clear idea of what the intervention counselor in Fort Lauderdale is all about.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Interventions are all about helping family members identify how they may actually be enabling the addict and encouraging their lack of accountability. It is absolutely imperative that family members make the necessary changes to their own behaviors and actions in order to help guide their loved ones to treatment. Alcoholics and drug addicts teach their family members how to continue enabling addicts so that they can continue to be comfortable in their addiction and never hit rock bottom.

It is very common for family members to think that if their addicted loved one experiences some positive changes in their lives – such as finding a good job or meeting someone special – that they will be able to finally stop their alcohol or drug habit. But this rarely happens, and it deludes family members into thinking that they can simply wait until the addict experiences a revelation that entices them to get help. But sometimes people with substance use disorders are simply manipulating the emotions of their families in order to solidify their addiction.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many Fort Lauderdale intervention counselors follow the same steps throughout the intervention process:

Initial Consultation. Interventionists typically begin with an initial telephone conversation to find out what is keeping the addict comfortable in the addiction.

Family Education About Addiction. Interventions are not just about convincing addicts to seek treatment, but they are also about educating the family about the person’s addiction and helping to ensure that the addict and family both achieve long-term success.

Starting the Process. The longer family members wait, the more their addicted loved one stays comfortable in his or her addiction. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to get the addict out of the addiction and encourage the desire to seek help. The time to get help is now, and an intervention can be the first step to starting the treatment process.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

One of the most common reasons for an intervention is because of alcohol abuse. Fort Lauderdale has plenty of intervention counselors to help those who are addicted to alcohol.

Alcoholics often have a hard time believing that they have a problem simply because alcohol is legal. This can make an alcohol intervention a real challenge without professional help.

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue that negatively impacts many families, and an alcohol intervention can guide families along the right path toward recovery. Family members are encouraged to make the necessary changes to create a healthier environment when the addict returns home from rehab.

To find a local alcohol intervention counselor in Fort Lauderdale, you can search Google. You can also speak with your doctor, insurance provider, or friends and family for recommendations. You may also speak with a representative at The Recovery Village to find an interventionist near you.

The choice to use an alcohol interventionist to deal with a loved one who is battling alcoholism is the right one to make and can be exactly what is needed to help an addict face their issues and seek treatment. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to access the appropriate intervention resources in Fort Lauderdale.