AA and NA Meetings in Eustis

There are many elements that support a person’s recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Support groups provide an essential component for many people as they begin to break free from addiction, and these resources also help as they continue their work to remain sober years or even decades later.

Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide the foundation for group support as well as 12-step programs to facilitate healing and continued sobriety. Many drug rehab c\enters, including The Recovery Village®, incorporate NA and AA meetings
as part of the treatment programs to give clients the support they need during recovery.

AA Meetings in Eustis, Florida

Those who currently or previously struggled with alcohol abuse or addiction find support in Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to anyone of any nation, creed, gender, or belief system. During Eustis AA meetings, you will learn the 12 steps that support you during recovery to reduce the risk of a relapse. Although there is a spiritual component, there is no central religious tenant.

As you attend meetings, you benefit from peer support. You can share your struggles and celebrations during your recovery journey and learn from others as they share. This helps you to build on the coping skills you learned during rehab so you can live a full life without alcohol.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

There are many options for AA meetings in Eustis. Each meeting has its own atmosphere based on the location, timing, attendance, leadership, and other factors. Therefore, you will want to try a few AA meetings before choosing one or more that you wish to regularly attend.

You can begin your search online by searching for “AA meetings near me.” You will find a list of AA meetings Eustis, including:

Morning Eye Opener
EDI Club
802 S. Bay St.
Eustis, FL 32726

Keep It Simple
EDI Club
802 S. Bay St.
Eustis, FL 32726

Stepping Stones
115 Citrus Ave.
Eustis, FL 32726

To find additional meetings, head to the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

When you research AA meetings in Eustis, ask yourself and the group contacts a few questions to help you find the best ones that complement your personality and provide the type of support you need:

  • Is the meeting closed?
  • Who leads the meetings?
  • Is the AA meeting coed?
  • How many people usually attend the meetings?
  • What is the makeup of attendance?
  • Where is the meeting held?
  • Can you smoke during meetings?

You will find Eustis AA meetings around the city, often in community centers, churches, and other gathering centers. Some meetings may also take place in a person’s home.

NA Meetings in Eustis, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous meetings have been around for about 65 years, and they continue to provide support for those struggling with addiction to legal and illegal drugs, including opioids, cocaine, and marijuana. Like AA, the only requirement to attend NA meetings in Eustis is a desire to overcome your addiction.

NA meetings take place in a variety of settings, including community centers, parks, libraries, and churches. The Eustis NA meetings take place weekly, but with so many options, you can usually find a meeting on almost any day.

As you attend the meetings, you will work your way through the 12-step program. You can also share your struggles and get support and advice from your peers who have also struggled with addiction.

Everyone is welcome at NA meetings. Like AA, there is no central creed or tenant. Each meeting is unique to the individuals and leaders, so you may want to try a few different ones until you find one where you feel comfortable.

Although finding NA meetings in Eustis is most important for those fresh out of recovery and starting the transition into life after rehab, you will find that they continue to be important throughout your sobriety to keep you from falling back into your bad habits.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

NA meetings Eustis are free and available around the city. You can find them through searching online for meetings near your location. You can also search for Narcotics Anonymous meetings on their website.

A few examples of Eustis NA meetings include:

Friends in Recovery
EDI Club
802 S. Bay St.
Eustis, FL 32726

Spirit of Life Recovery Center
4816 N. Orange Blossom Trl.
Mt. Dora, FL 32757

Church at Whistling Pines
16311 Whistling Pines Rd.
Umatilla, FL 32784

As you make your way from meeting to meeting, you may find that some are better suited for those just starting out. However, all meetings will welcome anyone struggling with substance abuse and looking to start a life free of drugs.

If you struggle with finding the right support groups or wish to start a more intensive treatment program, then contact The Recovery Village®. Our representatives will discuss our treatment options with you and answer questions about the different levels of care.