Drug and alcohol addiction is a condition that impacts individuals and communities nationwide. In the state of Florida in 2017, there were 32,684 arrests on the grounds of driving under the influence of substances.

What may start as experimentation can lead to regular or risky use and eventual addiction. Many drug and alcohol rehab, detox and recovery resources are available for treatment. The Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health provides Florida residents with substance abuse and addiction education and treatment resources.

Edgewater Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment

Communities like Edgewater, Florida, provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment facilities for those pursuing recovery from addiction.

In or near Edgewater, drug and alcohol rehab options may include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare
  • Sober living homes

For residents of Edgewater who are willing to travel for treatment, The Recovery Village has several locations in Central Florida. These facilities include The Recovery Village Umatilla and Orlando Recovery Center.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs and Treatment Centers in Edgewater, Florida

Pursuing drug or alcohol addiction treatment in a detox program is the best first step for recovery. Treatment usually begins with a detox program. Drug and alcohol detox programs provide symptom relief for withdrawal through medicine, drug tapering methods and drug replacement therapies. Medical professionals should oversee detox and medical detox in an equipped facility.

There are currently three facilities within 25 miles of Edgewater that provide detox services.

Edgewater Residential Treatment Programs

Inpatient alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment is a residential option that provides easy access to recovery support. An inpatient rehab facility provides support in the days directly after detox in a medically equipped facility. This kind of program is a new environment of concentrated attention on the road to recovery. This will typically be the place where a long-term treatment plan is put into motion.

There are currently five facilities within 30 miles of Edgewater, Florida, that provide residential treatment programs.

Edgewater Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program offers an arrangement of part-time inpatient care. Depending on the facility guidelines, participants will receive treatment in the hospital for about 20 hours a week and spend the rest of their time at home. This schedule represents a transition back into some aspects of daily life. Those in recovery will still receive daily medical treatment and counseling. Once those in treatment have undergone detox and begun to progress in independence, partial hospitalization programs may be the next step toward full recovery.

There are currently five facilities within 40 miles of Edgewater, Florida, that offer partial hospitalization programs.

Edgewater Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment can be an important component of the recovery process. People in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction who have concluded intensive medical treatment are released to live at home full time. Regularly scheduled medical check-ins, mental health assessments and individual and group counseling will be part of each participant’s new schedule. Outpatient treatment provides independence in decision making and lifestyle choices. Outpatient programs may take place at a hospital, treatment center or counselor.

There are currently seven facilities within 20 miles of Edgewater that provide outpatient treatment programs.

Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare Programs in Edgewater, Florida

A final stage of drug or alcohol treatment is continuing care. Sober living aftercare facilities provide a supportive environment for those leaving intensive treatment for addiction. A residential sober living facility often provides the stability and accountability people need to prevent relapse and stay strong in recovery. Rehab aftercare is often the final stage of treatment in drug rehab aftercare programs.

Aftercare or sober living homes may provide the following:

  • A positive social setting
  • A gentle transition back into work
  • Establishing new patterns
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • Responsibilities and accountability
  • Group therapy

Rehab alumni programs can be an important component for lasting change.

There are currently three sober living or rehab aftercare programs within 52 miles of Edgewater, Florida.

Specialized Treatment Programs in Edgewater, Florida

People in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction may share common traits or experiences. In these cases, specialized treatment that accommodates their needs may be helpful.

Recovery resources for specific groups can be found in:

  • Rehab for veterans
  • Rehab for LGBT persons
  • Rehab for pregnant women
  • Rehab for PTSD

Women’s rehab centers and rehab centers for teens provide specialized buildings and guidelines that provide for the needs of those groups.

Treatment centers in and near Edgewater, Florida, may provide care for:

  • Clients referred from the court or judicial system
  • Active duty military personnel
  • Victims of sexual abuse
  • Domestic violence sufferers

There are currently four facilities within 35 miles of Edgewater, Florida, that provide some of these specialized services. Next Generation Village in Sebring, Florida, is a rehab center for teens.

What Is the Process Like in a Drug Detox and Rehab Facility?

A drug treatment process will provide structure for your drug or alcohol addiction treatment plan. Once you have decided which drug detox and rehab facility to attend, you will register and be oriented to the program. Facility tours, room assignment and facility guidelines may follow initial registration. Assessments of your condition will be conducted as care providers formulate your treatment plan.

As you begin treatment, your daily life will likely include the following:

  • Monitoring of your progress
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Counseling sessions
  • Doctor and therapy appointments
  • Meals, treatment and recreation

Drug detox and rehab facilities provide a professional and well-equipped environment for your recovery journey. Your safety and well-being should be a top priority. The course of treatment you have chosen should help you find long term success.

Finding the Best Rehab Program For You

There are many different treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction. The best rehab centers will provide the latest and most effective drug therapies and treatment options. The best drug rehab centers will monitor and guide you through all stages of your detox and treatment. Edgewater, Florida, and nearby areas offer many kinds of rehab programs.

Here are some aspects when deciding how to find the best rehab center for you:

  • Are the medical and counseling staff experts in their field?
  • Is the environment offering medical and psychological care?
  • Are you treated as a person through introductions and assessment?
  • Is there a plan provided for your long term success?

It is important that you have confidence in the program that can be the catalyst for your drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Many life-changing moments will occur through the course of this program. The right choice will ensure these changes are positive and lasting.

What Questions Should You Ask When Considering a Treatment Program?

Understanding what to expect from a drug and alcohol detox and rehab center is an important step in your recovery. The treatment program you are a part of will play a role in your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

It may be helpful to ask some of the following questions

  • Do they accept your insurance or offer financing?
  • Do they offer specialized services?
  • What is the registration and assessment process?
  • What is the estimated duration of your stay?
  • Are all medical and mental health treatments done at this facility?
  • Do all care providers have credentials and expertise?

Related to your daily life during treatment, you may wish to ask about meals, the schedule, support groups, visitation policies and sobriety support.

Exploring Treatment Options Near Edgewater, Florida

Limited drug abuse treatment options are available directly in the small city of Edgewater. Specialized or additional treatment options will mean traveling to a nearby city or town. While many treatment facilities are available nearby, regular travel can present challenges.

When important medical or therapy options are only available at a significant distance from home, you will need to assess the pros and cons of traveling for alcohol or drug rehabilitation.


  • Access to specific medicines or treatment programs
  • A feeling of removal from habits and environments of addiction
  • Access to specialized programs and sober living aftercare


  • Distance from family and friends
  • An unfamiliar environment can feel uncomfortable
  • The cost associated with distant care may be higher

The journey of recovery requires many life changes and decisions. It is most important to choose a treatment course at a facility that best meets your needs and sets you up for long-term success.

Additional Addiction and Rehabilitation Resources in Edgewater, Florida

The city of Edgewater, Florida, is located in Volusia County. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Department has multiple programs for citizen empowerment and drug awareness. Their services include drug take-back programs, citizen tip lines and substance abuse awareness and education. From information to initiatives, Edgewater partners with other local groups to increase citizen access to education, prevention and treatment for substance abuse issues.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Edgewater, Florida

Recovery meetings near Edgewater, Florida, are available for those seeking ongoing support for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step program that supports people who struggle with alcohol addiction. Nearby Port Orange offers additional meetings for residents of Edgewater.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Edgewater, FL

  • Local AA Meetings in Edgewater, FL

    Noon Reflections
    Rebo’s Club
    2120 S. Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, FL

    New Dawn
    Grace Episcopal Church
    4110 S. Ridgewood Ave., Port Orange, FL

    Never Had It So Good
    Club YANA
    111 Howes St., Port Orange, FL

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step program that helps people who struggle with drug addiction. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are available in Edgewater and nearby New Smyrna Beach.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in Edgewater, FL

  • Local NA Meetings

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Rebo’s Club
    2120 S. Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, FL

    Step Study
    Coronado Methodist Church
    200 South Peninsula Ave., New Smyrna Beach, FL

    Literature Study
    First Presbyterian Church
    509 Magnolia St., New Smyrna Beach, FL

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon

Al-Anon is a family group that provides a 12-step program for those close to someone who struggles with alcohol addiction. Al-Anon meetings can be found within 11 miles of Edgewater in New Smyrna and Port Orange. Nar-Anon is a 12-step program for the friends and families of people who struggle with drug addiction. Port Orange, Daytona Beach and Lake Helen offer Nar-Anon meetings within 20 miles of Edgewater.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings in Edgewater, FL

  • Local Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

    Al-Anon meetings include:

    Monday Morning AFG
    First Presbyterian Church
    509 Magnolia St., New Smyrna Beach, FL

    New Beginnings AFG
    Coronado First Methodist Church
    200 S. Peninsula Ave., New Smyrna Beach, FL

    Port Orange Daytime Book Study AFG
    Epiphany Catholic Church
    308 Fleming Ave., Port Orange, FL

    Nar-Anon meetings include:

    Ray of Hope
    Church of the Nazarene
    840 Taylor Rd., Port Orange, FL

    Ray of Hope
    Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
    1014 N. Halifax Ave., Daytona Beach, FL

    Serenity Now
    First United Church of Christ
    107 N. Euclid Ave., Lake Helen, FL

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a program for people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. The group is based on self-help and empowerment. The nearest SMART Recovery groups to Edgewater are currently in Orange City and Oviedo.

SMART Recovery in Edgewater, FL

  • Local SMART Recovery

    Orange City, Florida
    Sunday 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Meeting #4617
    951 North Volusia Ave. Suite 700 Orange City, FL 32763

    Oviedo, Florida
    Wednesday 6:30 PM
    Meeting #57
    1200 Van Arsdale St. Oviedo, FL 32765

Non-Profit Organizations in Edgewater, Florida

Non-profit organizations may provide a continuum of care for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Some non-profit centers are currently available for residents of Edgewater in nearby Daytona Beach.

Non-Profit Organizations in Edgewater, Florida

  • National Center for Prevention and Research Solutions Inc.

    National Center for Prevention and Research Solutions Inc.
    3132 S. Ridgewood Ave., South Daytona, FL

  • United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties Inc.

    United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties Inc.
    3747 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL

  • SMA Behavioral Health Services Inc.

    SMA Behavioral Health Services Inc.
    150 Magnolia Ave., Daytona Beach, FL

Edgewater, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

If you or someone you are with needs emergency help for drug or alcohol abuse, call one of these numbers:

Edgewater, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

  • Local Drug Abuse Hotline

    Local Drug Abuse Hotline
    (386) 424-2000

  • Florida Drug Abuse Hotline

    Florida Drug Abuse Hotline
    (888) 459-5511

  • Substance Abuse Hotline

    Substance Abuse Hotline
    (844) 244-3171

City of Edgewater, Florida

Edgewater is located in Volusia County, Florida. It has a population of almost 21,000 people and sits along the Indian River. Edgewater is located at 28.9889° N, 80.9023° W. Visitors can fly into Edgewater using the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport (EVB) or the Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB).

Beautiful, old Florida is on display in the city’s approximate attractions of Smyrna Dunes Park, Mary McLeod Bethune Beach, Cruger-dePeyster Plantation Sugar Mill Ruins and the Ponce de Leon Inlet. Edgewater is overseen by a police department that provides information and special drug task forces to curtail the spread of illicit substances. Residents of Edgewater should feel confident that essential services and resources are available for them to receive drug or alcohol rehabilitation and treatment.

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