Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Dade City, Florida

There is some dysfunction in every family and in every marriage. If that dysfunction becomes too prominent, it can start to damage the relationship between individuals. At this point, marriage and family therapy can be helpful. This type of psychotherapy helps couples or families in Dade City, Florida identify individual behaviors and then address how those behaviors affect the family as a whole.

There is a broad range of emotional, psychological, and even physical issues that can be addressed during marriage and family therapy, including:

  • parent/child conflict
  • spousal disputes
  • grief
  • weight problems
  • eating disorders
  • substance abuse
  • behavioral/mental disorders

If just one member of a family is dealing with mental illness or is in need of substance abuse treatment in Dade City, the whole family can suffer. In such cases, family therapy can help the entire family heal.

Marriage and family therapy is often divided between individual and group sessions, allowing people to work on self-improvement as well as skills together as a unit. The first session, however, is usually for information-gathering, both by the family or marriage counselor and the participants. The therapist can observe the dynamic between family members at close range and ask detailed questions, while the couple or family can get a sense of the therapist’s style and personality. This is critical; marriage or family therapy will not prove helpful if the participants are not comfortable with the therapist.

If you are looking for couples or family therapy in Dade City, Florida, you have many options from which to choose. There are several qualified therapists working in the area. Use this guide to help you understand how marriage and family therapy works, what it might look like, and how you can find the right therapist for your needs.

Marriage Counseling in Dade City, Florida

Marriage counselors are available in Dade City to help partners work through relationship difficulties in a safe, supported space. A certified marriage counselor will help you both express your emotions and explore your own behaviors within your relationship. The counselor will also help you work on communication and listening skills. Some sessions may be individual in order to address areas for self-improvement. 

Reports suggest that people who go through marriage counseling experience improved relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues. Marriage counselors are also available to help couples seeking separation or divorce in an amicable manner. The desired outcome of marriage counseling is different for every couple, and a marriage counselor will guide you toward setting goals and working toward them.

Dade City Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy can help couples improve communication skills and learn how to listen to each other again. Therapists work closely with couples at the beginning of marriage therapy in order to set goals and explore the desired outcomes for which they are looking, both in terms of their relationship and individually. They can then develop a therapeutic plan for their sessions. 

Skills learned in Dade City marriage therapy include communication, listening, and healthy coping mechanisms. Conflict during sessions is normal, and a marriage therapist is trained to remain neutral and help couples work through their disputes. The frequency and length of marriage therapy sessions will vary according to each couple and their needs and can take place in different settings such as private practices, health centers, and universities.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

It is important to ensure that the marriage counselor you work with is a good fit for both partners. When you are looking for a marriage counselor in Dade City, keep an eye out for a few key characteristics:

  • Experience dealing with your specific marital issues
  • Proper licensing and credentials
  • Listens to both partners
  • Shows compassion and empathy
  • Maintains control of each session
  • Allows conflict but does not allow extreme outbursts
  • Does not let couples interrupt one another
  • Is financially feasible

This list should include other specific characteristics that you and your partner are looking for in a marriage counselor.

Family Therapy Dade City, FL

Dysfunctional relationships do not just exist between couples; they can also manifest within a family between siblings, parents, children, and others. Family therapy is a good choice for families experiencing difficulty and wishing to repair and strengthen their bonds to one another. Family therapy in Dade City can also be a good option if families wish to improve their communication skills and learn how to maintain healthier relationships.

Dade City Family Counseling

Strategic family counseling in Dade City employs a variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive, behavioral, and psychotherapy. Some sessions will include the family group while others will be individual, allowing everybody the opportunity to express themselves and learn new skills. Family counselors will help families build on their communication and problem-solving skills, as well as manage more specific issues such as addiction or mental illness. While specific outcomes will differ for each family, the ultimate goal is to address and heal the emotional, psychological, or mental problems that are causing family conflict.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

There are a number of qualified, experienced family and marriage counselors in Dade City. Try one of these avenues to find the right match for your needs:

Ask your doctor – Doctors are often well-connected to other medical professionals in the community, and since they know you and your family’s history may be able to recommend a therapy option that suits your needs.

Call your insurance provider – Some providers offer additional coverage for specific services, and even with specific facilities or individuals. Speak to a representative to find out about the options available to you through your insurance.

Phone The Recovery Village – Our intake coordinators are ready to take your call 24/7. They have extensive knowledge of local resources and can connect you to the right people almost right away. Every phone call is free, and every conversation is confidential. Get in touch today.