Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Casselberry, Florida

Marriage counseling and family therapy are for couples and families who need to address their behaviors and the effects they are having on their relationships with each other. In marriage and family counseling sessions, time is usually split between individual therapy, as well as family therapy, marriage therapy, and if required, both.

Marriage and family counseling services in Casselberry help families and couples deal with the following issues: parent and child conflict, marital and couple conflict, sexual dysfunction, weight issues and eating disorders, grief, issues with eldercare, and children’s behavioral problems. A marriage and family counselor can also provide support for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. For couples or families who are dealing with substance use disorders, marriage and family counseling can be an important part of addiction treatment in Casselberry.

At the beginning of treatment, a marriage and family therapist will use the session to gather information on the particular situation at hand. The therapist will listen to each person to find out why the couple or family needs therapy and gain an understanding of the couple’s or family’s dynamics.

In this early stage of treatment, the family or couple can also get a sense of the therapist’s style, what each person hopes to achieve from the therapy, and how they must behave during and after their sessions. For example, the information shared in these sessions must remain confidential.

Marriage Counseling in Casselberry, Florida

It has been highlighted in numerous studies that positive results can be achieved in marriage therapy when dealing with mental and emotional issues. Patients have spoken of the improvements in their careers, relationships, social lives, general wellbeing, and overall health.

Marriage therapy can also help couples deal with sensitive issues that are forcing them to consider separation, such as improving intimacy between them. In addition to marital therapy, both partners will also work on their self-awareness and improvement.

Casselberry Marriage Therapy

A marriage therapist in Casselberry will work with partners to help improve their problem-solving skills while also encouraging them to learn more about their significant other. Oftentimes a marriage counselor will encourage clients to come up with a plan and set of goals they would like to work toward during their sessions. In order to achieve positive results in couples therapy, each partner will need to be dedicated and motivated to achieve their goals.

As their therapy progresses, a couple may learn how to communicate, listen, and support each other more effectively. At times, there may be a conflict between couples in these sessions. If this happens, an ethical marriage therapist will take up a neutral role and offer support to both sides. If needed, a marriage therapist can recommend the need for each partner to also undergo individual therapy.

Marriage counseling sessions are typically held once a week in Casselberry. Schedules often vary depending on the partner’s goals and whether they also need group or individual therapy.  Marriage counseling services in Casselberry are offered in different settings such as group practices, private practices, and university counseling centers.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

To ensure the best possible results, it is important that each family member is confident and comfortable working with the chosen marriage counselor. To help achieve this, keep a lookout for a marriage therapist who:

  • Has the qualifications to be a marriage counselor
  • Has dealt will the issues at hand previously
  • Will develop a unique plan based on your situation
  • Will offer unbiased thoughts and opinions
  • Will make sure each person can speak uninterrupted
  • Has the capability to maintain order during sessions
  • Can be contacted easily when needed
  • Will ask attendees to provide feedback on the counselor’s performance
  • Is financial viable for you and your family

Family Therapy Casselberry, FL

From an early age, your family shapes your habits, customs, and your views of the world. You also learn how to care for and interact with others from how you are treated by the people in your family.

When children are brought up in a loving environment where people treat each other with respect, they will likely treat people outside their family in the same manner. In contrast, if a child is raised in a dysfunctional home with negative relationships, he or she may struggle to build positive relationships outside of the home.

It is not uncommon for families to witness dysfunction from time to time. This is where the Casselberry family therapy services can help family members rebuild or create positive relationships with one another.

Casselberry Family Counseling

Family counseling in Casselberry is available to help families in the area deal with issues that are negatively affecting the family. Families often use family counseling help them through a difficult time, a big change, or behavioral and mental health issues within the family.

Strategic family therapy imports exercises and techniques used in cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as interpersonal and additional individual therapy. With structural family counseling, therapists work with families to help them heal any emotional, mental, or psychological issues with which they are dealing.

The family counseling services in Casselberry focus on helping families in the area to get better at solving problems, communicating with each other, and understanding one another with the end goal of creating a happy home.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

The following list is to help you find the most suited family therapist in your area:

  • Insurance Coverage. It is financially beneficial to look for the therapists in Casselberry that participate in your family’s health insurance plan.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations. Your doctor may have worked with families dealing with a similar situation in the past. Therefore, he or she might be able to recommend a family counseling center in your area.
  • Online Referrals. Online search engines are a great way to find information on the therapists in your area. There are also online therapist locators that you can leverage.
  • Personal recommendations. Speaking to a family near you who has worked with counselors in your area is a great way to get the opinion of someone who has been in a similar position to you.

When things are not going well for a family or couple with no light at the end of the tunnel, enrolling in marriage and family counseling is the first step to rectifying the situation. Just starting the process can help lift a lot of the burden off a family’s shoulders. Marriage and family counseling is a huge step to a healthier and brighter future for all. Contact The Recovery Village today to find therapists and counselors in the Casselberry area.