AA Meetings and NA Meetings in Casselberry

Sobriety and recovery are work. Even people who have been sober for decades will describe themselves as “alcoholics” or “addicts” because that is the nature of the disease. You must constantly practice self-awareness, self-discipline, and think through the consequences of your actions and your strategies for coping with emotional or personal challenges.

Fortunately, there is a popular and widely available tool to help, namely peer support and group therapy. Alcoholics Anonymous, also called AA, and Narcotics Anonymous, shortened to NA, have pioneered this form of support and offer a wide range of services, ideas, and approaches to reaching and maintaining your sobriety in Casselberry, Florida. They are a foundation stone of sobriety, and you should be fully informed on how they function and how to find the one that is right for your needs.

Many people attend their first AA or NA meeting in a drug rehab program near Casselberry, but others attend standalone meetings in multiple locations throughout the surrounding area.

AA Meetings In Casselberry, Florida

In 1935, the Depression was deepening and the medical establishment and social force were awakening to the problems of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency. Against this backdrop, AA was founded as an experiment for communities that were unable to support standalone psychiatric or addiction support facilities. The idea was that recovering alcoholics could offer support and ideas to those who needed it in a space that was free and did not require a certain educational status or membership to a certain social class in order to get help.

AA is not about just stopping drinking. One of the core problems alcoholics face is “dry drunk” syndrome, where a person stops drinking but does not otherwise change his or her behavior. That not only makes it easier to fall back into drinking, it also means the problems in personal and professional lives in alcoholism remains. Hence, the twelve-step program was created, one of the most famous aspects of AA and one that has been duplicated by a host of different peer support groups and group therapy organizations. The twelve-step program is designed to offer those seeking recovery a set of goals and a way to approach those goals, with the overall intent of developing self-awareness, encouraging honesty and accountability, fostering open-mindedness, and changing behaviors.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

By design, AA has many different approaches. How a meeting approaches peer support will depend on both the members of the meeting (which can change over time) and the leadership of that particular meeting. Contrary to popular belief, AA is spiritual, but not religious, so meetings are held almost anywhere publicly available space can be found.

Due to the enormous variety of AA meetings, it is encouraged that you work with a counselor or sit down by yourself and take an inventory of what you will need to have the most success at a peer support meeting. This will depend both on your course of treatment and the tone of the meeting. For example, if alcohol abuse is also a symptom of past trauma, you may wish to attend a meeting where you feel comfortable discussing that. Meetings offer so many options you can even choose between meetings for those who smoke or those that are strictly non-smoking. You may also wish to contact the leadership, if possible, to discuss the approach and ask his or her views on specific topics.

Some AA meeting locations in Casselberry include:

  • Happy Hour Group
  • 277 Live Oaks Blvd.
  • Casselberry, FL 32707
  • Back to Basics
  • Ascension Lutheran Church
  • 351 Ascension Dr.
  • Casselberry, FL 32707

You can find additional AA meetings in Casselberry by using the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings In Casselberry, Florida

As AA developed and became a key part of the fabric of many communities, and as society became more aware of concerns about drug addiction, NA was founded. More than six decades after its founding, NA offers a broad range of support to those working on their substance abuse concerns.

As one is an offshoot of the other, AA and NA share several core aspects, such as meetings being free and open to all, an expectation of open-mindedness and support, and the twelve-step program. However, as more has been learned about narcotics and substance abuse, that has necessitated new strategies and new approaches.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

As is the case with AA, when you are looking for NA meetings near you, one of the factors you should consider is whether a particular group will meet your specific needs. For instance, some NA groups focus on one drug exclusively. In a similar way, some NA groups are for specific demographics, such as parolees or those involved in a particular profession. Some are co-ed, while others are gender-specific. It is perfectly natural to audition different NA groups to find the right fit for you.

Some NA meeting locations in and around Casselberry include:

  • Changing Through Steps
  • Community United Methodist Church (Church Office)
  • 4921 S. Hwy. 17-92
  • Casselberry, FL 32707
  • Still Working on It
  • 128 E. Bay Ave.
  • Longwood, FL 32750

Other NA meeting locations can be found on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

The Recovery Village understands the value of support groups like AA, NA, and other 12-step organizations. That is why such support groups are included in our comprehensive addiction treatment plans. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to learn about all your treatment resources in Casselberry.