Substance Abuse Counseling in Brandon, Florida

In any given year, over twenty million Americans will struggle with some aspect of substance abuse. Many of them will not seek help, or will attempt to go “cold turkey,” whether due to personality, worry about privacy, or even simple shame. However, there is never shame in asking for help to improve both your life and the lives of those you love, and often substance abuse counseling can be key to finding your feet and seeking sobriety.

Substance abuse counseling in Brandon is a multi-faceted discipline that draws on a number of different methods and techniques to assist clients. The exact approach will depend on the personal circumstances of the client, the possible motivations for seeking drugs in the first place, and the substances of which the client is working to rid themselves. Counselors may use a mix of talk therapy, chemical treatment, and behavioral therapy, and may recommend that in addition to private sessions the client seek peer support or attend group therapy as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program in Brandon.

While the journey depends on the individual, there are a few basic steps to expect. The counselor and the client will develop treatment and sobriety plans that include goals and steps toward those goals, will teach their clients better methods for accepting and working around personal and emotional setbacks, and work with their client, if necessary, to re-establish career and socioeconomic links so a newly sober client can secure work and a degree of independence.

Counselors should be fully licensed and credentialed, of course, but most important is that client and counselor are comfortable with each other and trust each other. Often an initial session is put together to ensure counselor and client can work together toward their shared goal.

Brandon, Florida Addiction Counseling

Those with long-term sobriety and those who are concerned they may fall into “dry drunk” or “sober addict” syndrome may seek the specific services of an addiction counselor. Drug addiction has a psychological aspect beyond the physical. Addiction counselors serve as emotional coaches who help clients work on negative behaviors and coping mechanisms that may lead them toward addiction, chemical or not. By helping clients learn to replace destructive behaviors with constructive ones, addiction counselors give clients the tools they need to fight addiction and win.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

There are some key criteria by which any drug counselor should be evaluated. They should have all necessary training, credentials, and licenses required under Florida law. They should have experience treating the substance a prospective client is seeking to leave behind, although contrary to urban legend, you do not need to be a former addict to a specific substance to treat a client dealing with addiction. They should be available when their clients need them. Most importantly, clients should feel their counselors are best able to help them deal with the daily realities of reaching sobriety and staying there. That trust and respect is by far the most fundamental aspect of any counselor/client relationship.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol abuse and dependency is a complex topic that often requires a specifically trained counselor. Alcohol is one of a handful of substances with a high risk of dependency that is widely available almost everywhere you go and will not subject you to legal scrutiny if you consume it in most settings. This lack of legal consequences coupled with widespread social acceptance is often pointed out by alcoholics and makes it easier for them to relapse, so a good counselor will ease clients into strategies for handling these problems.

Drug Addiction Counselor Brandon, FL

The goal of drug addiction counselors in Brandon is to help clients break free from addiction and move toward a healthy, happy life. To that end, counselors provide tools to help those suffering from addiction learn coping skills and ways to handle common relapse triggers.

Though finding the right addiction counselor may seem like a big task, there are some resources that are readily available to you. For instance, The Recovery Village offers 24/7 phone support to help those searching for addiction treatment options explore what is available locally.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

If you are seeking a referral for a substance abuse counselor, start with an authority. This can be:

  • A substance abuse treatment facility, such as the Recovery Village
  • A family doctor who is familiar with your situation
  • An insurer
  • An anonymous helpline

If you are battling substance use disorder, you do not have to do it alone. The courteous, professional staff at The Recovery Village can help you explore your options for treatment, handle any concerns you have regarding payment issues, and help you find the counseling services that will set you on a better path. Reach out today to speak with our representatives.