AA Meetings and NA Meetings in Bonita Springs

Support groups can be wellsprings of hope and healing. Rehab and recovery can be challenging, but with the help of support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), people can share their struggles, problems, and concerns while at the same time finding support. Those with a drug or alcohol addiction can find solace and encouragement in a group. A group leader or licensed counselor will guide members through weekly meetings to find support for continued sobriety at Bonita Springs AA meetings and NA meetings.

Whether you are looking for a standalone NA or AA meeting or one in conjunction with a program at a drug rehab center, and whether it is for you or a loved one suffering from alcoholism or narcotics addiction, there are many options for NA or AA meetings. This decision can set you on a path for healing, sobriety, and a happier, more fulfilling life.

AA Meetings in Bonita Springs, Florida

Anyone who has faced a drinking problem or is facing one now is welcome at an AA meeting. These meetings are fellowships without requirements – just that you have the desire to live a sober life. Though they are spiritual in nature, they are not religious; all are welcome. Here, members focus on the 12-step program that has been so helpful to so many suffering from alcoholism. This set of principles helps expel the obsession to drink while empowering members to lead fulfilling, sober lives. AA meetings are prevalent throughout Bonita Springs and can provide a safe spot to let the physical and mental weight of addiction go while being surrounded by others fighting the same battle.

Peer support allows members to encourage each other, regardless of where they are on the path to recovery. Whether this is the first step to recovery or they have finished a treatment program, all can provide support, insight, and encouragement. Finding the right meeting may take time, but it is important to feel comfortable in a meeting.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Because Bonita Springs AA meetings can range in mood, topic, and tone, you may want to try a few meetings or try a meeting a few times. Sometimes it takes a little while to feel comfortable, but do not let this discourage you. Think about what factors will make the meeting work for you; you may want to ask some questions before attending, like how is the meeting run, who usually attends, and who is the leader.

AA meetings in Bonita Springs are always free and held in accessible places, like churches, libraries, and synagogues. They usually take place at various times throughout the day and week. The Alcoholics Anonymous website is a good source for finding meetings. Here are a few search results to get you started:

Sunlight of the Spirit

Liberty Light Church
27383 Felts Ave.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Barefoot Beaches Beginners

First Presbyterian Church
9751 Bonita Beach Rd.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

NA Meetings in Bonita Springs, Florida

NA is the second largest 12-step program. NA is founded on the same principles as AA, and Bonita Springs NA meetings provide support for anyone who is struggling with the addiction to drugs. The only requirement is the desire to stop using drugs. Weekly meetings take place in locations like churches, synagogues, libraries, or other community settings. These are nonjudgmental, safe havens of support and encouragement.

Narcotics Anonymous focuses on honesty and open-mindedness, along with a willingness and a desire to change addictive behavior, no matter the drug to which you may be addicted. NA meetings in Bonita Springs are always free and open to the public, just like AA meetings. This can be key in recovery from drug addiction, whether you are new to your quest for sobriety or have been on this road a while but still appreciate support and encouragement. Whatever the case, Bonita Springs has a variety of options for NA meetings.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Just as with an AA meeting, sometimes it takes a little work to find the right meeting for you. A lot of things can dictate the mood of the meeting, from the location to the time of day to who is leading the meeting. Give them a chance; meetings can make a huge impact on the success of recovery.

The Narcotics Anonymous website is an excellent source for finding NA meetings in your area. Here are a few search results to get you started:

First United Methodist Church

27657 Shriver Ave.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Community Congregational Church

15300 Tamiami Trl. N.
Naples, FL 34110

If you are still having trouble finding a meeting that is a good fit, please call us at The Recovery Village. We know that peer support can be the backbone of a strong and lasting recovery. With AA meetings, NA meetings, and 12-step group therapy, we offer a variety of care for those wishing to leave their addiction behind and travel a road of sobriety. We also know this is not easy to do, but we can be with you on this journey. Please reach out to one of our caring representatives today. Sobriety can start now.