Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Drug testing has become a commonplace and widely accepted practice. It is used as part of job applications, as part of civil legal proceedings to demonstrate liability, as part of parole agreements and other criminal justice applications, and for medical reasons as well. Modern drug testing is widely seen as an effective, simple way to address a multitude of concerns about employee reliability, consumer safety, and personal health. Often it is even part of a long-term sobriety program, to demonstrate to employers and family that a person is maintaining a healthy approach to life and its challenges.

If you suspect a loved one may be abusing drugs, persuading that person to submit to a drug test can serve one of two purposes. It can either (1) reassure you that your loved one is not using drugs or (2) confirm for you the need for your loved one to find a substance abuse treatment program in Altamonte Springs to access the help he or she needs to return to good health.

Drug testing is a medical method of maintaining accountability and responsibility. By drug testing in Altamonte Springs, employers prevent accidents before they happen, and families and friends can fully understand the problems facing those they love. But to use drug testing intelligently and effectively, you must first understand how tests work and what they can, and cannot, do.

Altamonte Springs Drug Testing Centers

When someone submits to a drug test, he or she will arrive at a designated facility, usually with an appointment. This may be part of a larger medical complex, inside a properly certified private facility, or it may be a standalone facility in a commercial district or nearby business park. In fact, there is an excellent chance there is a drug testing facility nearby your home or your place of work and you have simply never noticed.

Upon arrival, clients may be checked for potential attempts to skew the test, depending on the security of the facility and the nature of the test, and asked if there is any information about their health they need to provide. Then, patients either collect or have staff at the facility collect a “specimen.” The most commonly known specimens are urine and blood, but depending on the test and the substance being screened, the facility may also collect hair, saliva, or sweat.

That specimen is then subject to a series of tests, called panels. Each panel is looking for signs of a specific drug, and each has to be run independently on a small amount of the specimen. A test for cocaine will not find marijuana and vice versa. Most often this is referred to by the number of panels, so the most common drug test, which looks for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP, would be called a “five-panel” test.

Once the results are available, the lab will contact the person who commissioned the test and who has authority to receive the results. It is important to remember that drug tests in many cases are considered medical records, and so results cannot be turned over to anyone without the consent of the person being tested.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When seeking a drug testing facility, there are four core aspects you should keep in mind. First, how careful are they with records and protecting the privacy of their clients and patients? Second, how experienced are they, and how capable are they of reading the nuances of drugs tests to ensure the correct results are delivered? Third, how precise are their tests, and how accurate are their results? Finally, how quickly can they provide results, and can they handle the volume of work you may provide them?

Finding a facility can often be as simple as contacting the correct medical professional. A family doctor, for example, may be able to conduct a drug test, depending on where the office is located and the available equipment. If not, your doctor likely can refer you to a facility that conducts the tests. A counselor or psychologist may also be able to assist with references. You can also speak with an insurer, or even contact a facility such as the Recovery Village directly. When speaking to a facility directly, be very clear about your needs and what you are expecting.

Drug testing is an effective tool for accountability and demonstrating responsibility. By choosing the right facility, and engaging in drug testing with an eye toward privacy and responsibility, employers and private individuals alike can protect themselves and choose a better, happier path.

If you are considering asking a loved one to take a drug test, please reach out to The Recovery Village today. Our professional and courteous staff can help you find the appropriate drug testing facilities in your area and help you arrange for any additional addiction treatment options you may want to consider. Do not wait. Make the call today.