Finding an Interventionist in Westminster, Colorado

The intervention has gone beyond the substance abuse treatment field and entered the wider cultural mainstream, which has had the unfortunate side effect of propagating misconceptions. One of the major ones is that an intervention in Westminster is solely about the person who receives it. An intervention only happens when that person hits “rock bottom,” and ends when that person tearfully accepts help in the form of addiction treatment in Westminster.

In truth, interventions are for everyone in the room, not just the loved one struggling with substance abuse. That person may be nowhere near his or her lowest point, but the person’s loved ones may have been pushed to such an emotional extreme that they have no choice but to act. An intervention is not predicated on the idea that a person will accept help; it is an offer, not a command.

This is why many successful interventions are staged by a professional interventionist. It is a form of emotional and psychological triage; the interventionist diagnoses the problem, forms a plan of action to treat it, and launches it. But to reach that point involves several steps, and a degree of action, from all those involved.

Drug Intervention Counselor In Westminster, CO

An interventionist in Westminster does not make promises about a loved one and their illness. Instead, an interventionist will diagnose the problems within the family unit and friends of a person suffering from substance abuse; show to that support network how the illness of their loved one has altered their approach to that person, possibly enabling their substance abuse in some ways; and help the family begin the process of changing their patterns of behavior.

Interventionists will also examine the behavior and thought processes of each family member. “Magical thinking” is not uncommon in families dealing with substance abuse; many long for the person they love to simply “snap out of it” or “grow up” and end their addiction, and need to understand that this is not how it works. Instead, family members will need to look at their own behavior, how they might enable their loved one, and work to change that behavior.

Westminster, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

There are a few steps in the process of an intervention before the intervention itself. The first is an initial meeting between the family and the interventionist. For the interventionist, this will involve setting expectations for the family about what an intervention involves and what will be expected of them, and to get a sense of the commitment of the family. If the family is not committed to changing themselves as well as the one they love, that makes an intervention more likely to fail.

For the family, it will be so they can determine their comfort with the interventionist and with the process. Family members must consider the effect on themselves, as they go through this process, to deal with their own mental health.

Once that is in place, the interventionist will hold a series of individual meetings to discuss patterns of behavior and what needs to change for the sake of the family. This may be a difficult process emotionally, but of necessity, it will need to move quickly.

After that is done, and everything else is considered to be in place, then the interventionist will plan and execute the intervention. What happens after that will depend on your loved one.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol presents some problems other forms of substance abuse do not. Society has a much higher “social tolerance” for alcohol; unlike other mind-altering substances, it can be consumed in public, bought legally everywhere from restaurants and ballparks to gas stations and grocery stores, and shared with friends. When someone needs to buy their drugs from a questionable individual in the bad part of town, they can more readily acknowledge their behavior has changed. When they can buy their drug of choice from a brightly lit location that sells the same product every day to everyone else, it is much harder to acknowledge it as a problem.

Alcohol interventionists in Westminster are trained to overcome excuses, to push those suffering from alcohol abuse and dependency to confront the emotional cost of their behavior, and help them to listen to the pleas of relatives asking them to get help.

An intervention will not be an emotionally easy or simple process. But living with substance abuse will erode any family bond over time, and it is better to confront the problem squarely than to let it fester. Reach out today to The Recovery Village to learn more about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Westminster area.