Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Pueblo, Colorado

Drug testing is fundamental to a number of keys to public life. Your health insurance, your liability in an accident, and your employment is often contingent on a well-designed, well-run, and accurate drug test.

As the nation struggles with a massive drug epidemic, Pueblo, Colorado has not been spared. Thus, the need for reputable drug testing facilities in the area continues to grow. Whether you are an employer looking for a way to vet potential employees and keep your workplace safe or a parent looking to confirm whether your child is abusing drugs, drug testing facilities in Pueblo can give you the answers you need.

If you avail yourself of the services of a testing center and you find that an employee or loved one is suffering from substance use disorder, all is not lost. Rest assured that there are numerous substance abuse treatment programs in Pueblo and surrounding areas to help, including those found at The Recovery Village.

Pueblo Drug Testing Centers

Because Pueblo residents are battling high rates of addiction, drug testing in the area is quite common. To determine which drug testing facility to use in Pueblo, you must first decide your goal for testing. Which substances are you expecting to find? Which type of specimen do you want to have collected? The answers to these two questions will get you headed in the right direction.

One of the most common types of drug screening tests in Pueblo is called a 5-panel test because it tests for five of the most commonly abused substances, which are cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. Many testing facilities will add panels if you need to test for different substances as well.

Common specimens collected by drug testing facilities in Pueblo include:

  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Blood
  • Hair
  • Perspiration

Of these, the most specimen collected is urine. It is easy to collect and the test is relatively inexpensive, making it a favorite among employers and other organizations needing many tests to be performed.

Saliva is the second most common specimen collected, for much the same reasons. The only difference is that saliva testing is accurate for a shorter window of time, meaning that this specimen might be most useful in cases where the subject is currently under the influence of a substance.

Blood testing is often requested for personal reasons. Though it is more costly and invasive than other forms of testing, blood testing reveals the most accurate results. For this reason, it is often chosen by parents who are intensely interested in finding out about their child’s potential drug use.

Hair is also a type of specimen that is often used in special circumstances. Because hair acts as a sort of permanent record of substance abuse, hair testing might be done in cases where it is important to see a history of substance abuse, such as during a custody hearing or other legal proceeding.

Perspiration testing is often used for parolees or those who are taking part in an outpatient rehabilitation program. Because a sweat patch is adhered to the subject for a two-week period and then tested, this test can reveal whether a person is maintaining sobriety continually.

Common reasons for needing a drug testing facility in Pueblo include:

  • Employment pre-screening
  • Annual participation in an employee wellness program
  • Suspicion of substance abuse on the job
  • In the event of a work-related accident or injury
  • As a condition of parole or probation
  • As evidence in a court of law
  • At the request of a concerned family member
  • At the request of an athletic or sports association
  • At the request of school administrators
  • As a condition of outpatient rehab

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Regardless of the reasons for drug testing, there are a number of things to consider before choosing the drug testing facility in Pueblo to use. Here are some characteristics of a good facility:

  • The facility should be certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. You can find out if the facility you are planning to use is certified by looking at the list maintained by SAMHSA.
  • The facility should have a clearly articulated privacy policy and should abide by HIPAA regulations, keeping your medical records private.
  • The facility should provide accurate results on which you can rely.
  • The facility should have a professional and courteous staff that treats you with respect and dignity.
  • The facility should provide fast results, while still maintaining complete accuracy.

To find drug testing centers in Pueblo that meet those qualifications, you can:

  • Search online for “drug testing facilities near me.”
  • Ask your personal physician for a recommendation.
  • Ask your insurance provider for a list of drug testing facilities in your network.
  • Ask others who have used the services of a facility in Pueblo.
  • Ask the professionals at The Recovery Village.

If you are in need of drug testing facilities in Pueblo, rest assured you are not alone. The Recovery Village is available for consultation 24/7 and can provide you with information about drug testing facilities and other addiction treatment resources in the Pueblo area. Reach out today for more information.