Finding an Interventionist in Palmer Lake, Colorado

We cripple those who are capable of walking when we choose to carry them. When you live with an addict in Palmer Lake, you unconsciously learn how to keep him or her comfortable in addiction. You may believe you are trying to help the person through patience and understanding, but the truth is you are enabling the addiction. It is not your fault. Addiction is a disease that infects everyone living with an addict.

The goal of intervention is to get your loved one into a substance abuse treatment program in Palmer Lake, but sometimes it is necessary to heal your family first. By helping family members recognize the unhealthy roles they play in the pattern of addiction, intervention counselors begin the process of change. When family members change enabling behaviors, they can lead their loved one to recovery.

Because of your loved one’s relationship with you and other family members, you are key to finding an interventionist your loved one will like and trust. It is equally important to find someone compatible with everyone involved for successful intervention to occur.  Important questions to ask when researching intervention counselors in Palmer Lake include:

  • Have they helped others with this type of addiction?
  • Which method of intervention do they use?
  • How do you and other family members prepare for the intervention?
  • What happens after intervention whether or not it succeeds? 

You will also need to consider the interventionist’s ability to deal with special circumstances such as a loved one’s propensity toward anger. If you loved one has anger issues or other mental and emotional issues, ask the intervention counselor if he or she is prepared to help.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Palmer Lake, CO

Substance abuse affects your entire family. Addicts teach their loved ones how to treat them so that they never hit bottom and never seek help. Ongoing addiction grows more dangerous by the day and makes it increasingly difficult for things to change.

It is common for family members to believe their loved one will stop using when the right circumstances are presented. For example, you may be waiting for the right job or relationship to help your loved one change. But you must take action because procrastination only strengthens addiction and reinforces enabling behaviors. A Palmer Lake drug intervention counselor can help your family recognize co-dependent behaviors and initiate the changes needed to help your loved one enter treatment.

Palmer Lake, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Substance abuse can tear your family apart. An interventionist in Palmer Lake can bring your family together, and help you regain control. Palmer Lake drug intervention counselors typically follow these steps during drug or alcohol intervention:

Step 1 – Consultation: An initial phone consultation is held with family members. This is when the interventionist learns about your loved one and the circumstances keeping the person comfortable with addiction. The Palmer Lake drug intervention counselor will listen to the thoughts and opinions of everyone involved and try to get all family members in agreement.

Step 2 – Education: Understanding the dynamics of addiction and how your loved one and family are affected is necessary for long-term success.  Often family members falsely believe that an addict must hit rock bottom or ask for help before anything can be done. Palmer Lake intervention counselors are skilled in educating families about the intricacies of addiction to help their loved one start treatment.

Step 3 – Starting the Process: Intervention counselors in Palmer Lake take action. An addiction intervention counselor gets the process started so your loved one can get help as soon as possible.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol abuse is destructive for everyone involved. Often, alcoholics are manipulative, stubborn, and self-centered. All addicts share these traits, and it can be difficult to reason with them. Also, an alcoholic may deny there is a problem because drinking is legal and alcohol is easy to get.  An interventionist in Palmer Lake can help you confront your loved one about his or her drinking to help the person step into recovery.

Instead of focusing on the amount your loved one drinks, successful alcohol intervention concentrates on destructive behaviors by the addict and your family’s reaction to them. Helping family members change the way they interact with the alcoholic is the first step in healing. Intervention counselors will also guide you in creating a healthy and positive home environment for your loved one’s return after rehabilitation.

You may begin your search for intervention counselors in Palmer Lake by Googling “alcohol intervention near me.” Other helpful resources include:

Insurance Coverage: Finding an interventionist in Palmer Lake through your health insurance plan can lessen the cost of receiving professional help.

Doctor Referrals: Your doctor has most likely worked with others battling alcohol and drug addiction, and he or she can refer you to a qualified interventionist.

Online Referrals: In addition to using a search engine like Google, you may use an online interventionist locator to help you find intervention counselors in Palmer Lake.

Personal Referrals: Friends can be helpful when you are searching for a licensed interventionist in Palmer Lake. If you know someone who has worked with an interventionist, ask them about their experience. They may be able to help you find an interventionist who works well with your family.

Addiction is a disease and it can be hard to recover without professional help. Intervention is a process that alters, interrupts, or stops the progression of the disease. A drug and alcohol interventionist in Palmer Lake will work with you to help your loved one and your entire family heal.

Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find out more about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Palmer Lake area.