Substance Abuse Counseling in Loveland, Colorado

People who suffer from substance use disorders are often successfully treated using substance abuse counseling. This therapy-like method is frequently a major component in alcohol and drug rehab programs in Loveland, Colorado and nearby areas, such as those provided by The Recovery Village. Loveland offers many counseling options to help those looking for a healthy future. Clients meet on a regular basis with a certified alcohol counselor or licensed drug counselor. The goal is an effective, safe recovery. In clinical settings, the counselors work at addressing the emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues faced by their clients.

Loveland, CO Addiction Counseling

An addiction counselor’s role depends on the needs of each client. However, generally they support and listen to clients throughout recovery and during critical times. Licensed professionals, counselors often have training in these areas:

  • Human behavior
  • Therapeutic methods
  • Psychology
  • Chemical therapy

Substance abuse counselors listen as clients talk about their physical and psychological issues and discover the reasons for their behavior. Because everyone is different and in various recovery states, the counselor’s role changes for each person. Other aspects of counseling in substance abuse include:

  • Attendance at group therapy
  • Development of treatment plans and goals
  • Learning coping mechanisms that are positive
  • Getting recommendations for support groups of 12-step programs
  • The arrangement of plans for sober living or aftercare
  • Finding a job or reestablishment of a career

Finding a counselor who is a good fit is important when looking for Loveland, Colorado, addiction counseling. It should be a counselor who is supportive, compassionate, and whom you trust as well as an individual to give effective, safe advice no matter your stage of recovery.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local, licensed drug counselor in Loveland helps those with drug addiction, whether the addiction is opiates, prescription medications, narcotics, or stimulants. Counselors also help those who have gone through rehabilitation and are in recovery. A drug counselor’s job is to provide support for clients so they can live a healthy life. This may include recommendations for support groups, treatment facilities, or 12-step programs or simply listening for psychological issues or co-occurring disorders.

There are many options to locate drug counselors in Loveland or in the nearby area. Counselors provide a range of services, experience, and credentials so you will be able to find the right one for you.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Those suffering from an alcohol addiction, in a program of rehabilitation, or more advanced in recovery can be helped by a nearby alcohol counselor with certification. A counselor helps clients in a number of ways, including supporting them in their recovery or encouraging them to get treatment.

Getting the best possible counseling is important. A certification system by the National Association for Addiction Professionals helps counselors get the right credentials. It requires that social workers, administrators, and counselors become state licensed to obtain certification. This is reassuring to clients as they search for good recovery support.

Drug Addiction Counselor Loveland, CO

Somewhat like therapists, drug addiction counselors help guide clients through the process of recovery at all stages. They offer their clients a supportive and safe environment during recovery while exploring why they became dependent, listening to how they have struggled with addiction, and talking to them one-on-one.

It can be difficult to locate a counselor who is the right fit for drug addiction help in Loveland because of the many options available. The Recovery Village helps you or your loved one through the process and can recommend appropriate drug abuse counselors around Loveland, Colorado. Contact us today for help in taking that first step to a healthy existence that is drug-free.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

This is the right place to come if you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one. There are many ways to locate a drug addiction counselor in Loveland for your needs and to start planning your recovery path. Besides conducting a Google search for nearby counselors, the following suggestions may be helpful:

  • 24-hour hotlines: Hotlines are available through The Recovery Village for drug (1-800-821-4357) and alcohol (1-800-252-6465) misuse with information about local resources.
  • Health insurance: Check with your insurance company to find therapists that accept payment through your coverage. This helps lower the cost.
  • Online sources: Searching on Google or another search engine can help you locate substance abuse counselors in Loveland.
  • Friends and family: When looking for recommendations for a counselor, friends and family members can be good sources of information.
  • Family physician: Your own family doctor may be a good source when seeking counseling services for alcohol or drugs. Since your doctor knows your health history well, he or she might have recommendations for specific therapists who can meet your needs.

One good option is to call The Recovery Village and talk to a representative about your counseling options as well as treatment available in your area for alcohol or drug addiction. The call is free and confidential and brings with it no obligation on your part. Talking to someone can be helpful and might even be the start of a process that changes your life for the better. We provide information about the process of rehabilitation and detoxification, options for payment, and information about local counselors to aid in your recovery. Call us today!