Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Longmont, Colorado

Most people are not excited to be asked to take a drug test. However, drug testing does serve many useful purposes. Organizations such as workplaces, schools, and athletic leagues commonly drug test employees, students, and members to ensure the safety of all, as well as to mitigate their own liability.

It is difficult to ignore the opioid epidemic that is making headlines across the country and affecting millions of Americans. It is not just the people who develop addictions who are impacted by drug abuse and drug addiction. Family members, friends, coworkers, and employers can all be negatively affected by the another person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol.

As the drug problem grows, so does the need for drug testing facilities that can provide accurate results quickly. Drug testing facilities in Longmont, Colorado, can meet these needs for local residents, employers, and organizations.

If you are concerned about a family member who may be suffering from a substance use disorder and a drug test reveals that your concerns are valid, all is not lost. Rest assured that there are many substance abuse treatment programs in and around Longmont that can provide the needed help.

Longmont Drug Testing Centers

Arranging a drug test means understanding the options available at drug testing centers in Longmont. There are several drug testing methods that are commonly used to test for drug use, as well as methods that are used less commonly but may be useful for certain purposes. Your reasons for needing a drug test, as well as the needs of the person being drug tested, are important factors in determining which method of drug testing you may want to use.

Urine testing and saliva testing are two popular methods of substance testing. Both types of testing involve screening for metabolites, substances that the body creates due to exposure to drugs, and both methods of testing are fast and provide accurate results. Some prefer saliva testing to urine testing because it eliminates the need for things like handling potentially biohazardous body fluids or monitoring the test subjects while they use the bathroom. However, saliva testing can only determine drug use within a relatively small window of time, so urine testing may be preferable when it is necessary to measure possible drug use further back in time.

Blood tests for drug use are less common for a number of reasons, including that blood tests are costly and time-consuming. However, blood testing can show whether or not a person is under the influence at the time of the test, which can be valuable information. Most other methods of testing can only show whether someone has used substances at some point in the past, not whether they are currently under the influence.

Hair and sweat testing are two less common but very useful methods of testing. Hair testing can reveal drug use over an extended period of time, as the screening method examines the presence of the metabolites that are filtered out of the body through the scalp and remain in the hair follicles for weeks or months. Sweat testing is a newer method of testing that involves wearing a patch to collect perspiration to be analyzed in a lab. The benefit of sweat testing is that this testing method is less vulnerable to methods used to fool other types of tests.

When you are arranging a drug test, make sure that the drug testing facility in Longmont offers the testing method that you need.

Another thing to consider is the type of substance screening offered at drug testing centers at Longmont. A drug test does not necessarily screen for only one substance, and there is no one drug test that screens for all types of drugs.

Popular pre-employment drug screenings include four-panel and five-panel drug tests. These tests typically test for four or five types of substances, that include amphetamines, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), opiates and possibly marijuana. As states experiment with marijuana laws, some employers choose to omit marijuana testing if they are located in states where marijuana use is legal. Others choose to continue to test for marijuana; the final decision is up to the employer.

When it is necessary to test for other substances, like benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene, Quaaludes, MDA, or Percocet, it might be necessary to use a seven-panel, ten-panel, or twelve-panel drug test. These tests are also used when a person is being tested for a position of greater responsibility or a potentially dangerous job.

It is also possible to test for one substance at a time. Illegal or prescription drugs are not the only substances that can be screened. It is possible to perform a drug screening for alcohol use as well. However, not every drug testing facility in Longmont has the capability to test for every possible substance. Make sure that the drug testing center you plan to use can test for the substance or substances that you are interested in screening.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

One way to find a reliable and accurate drug testing center in Longmont is to search online for drug testing centers in your area. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration keeps records of drug testing facilities that are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, so searching their database is a good way to find a high-quality drug-testing facility in your area.

You can also:

  • Ask your family doctor for a recommendation.
  • Ask friends or family members who have been tested.
  • Ask your insurance company about testing centers that will accept your insurance.
  • Call The Recovery Village for a confidential talk about your needs.