Substance Abuse Counseling in Gunnison, Colorado

If you are battling addiction in Gunnison, Colorado, you will likely benefit from substance abuse counseling. Meeting with a substance abuse counselor may be part of an addiction treatment program in Gunnison, or it may be something that you do outside of a formal treatment program.

As part of addiction counseling, you will regularly meet with an addiction counselor, especially during moments of crisis, to work on the best path to recovery for you. You may also discuss the underlying emotional and mental issues that may have led to the development of the addiction, especially when meeting with substance abuse counselors in a clinical setting.

Gunnison, CO Addiction Counseling

An addiction counselor in Gunnison generally is trained in psychology, human behavior, and therapeutic methods including chemical therapy. Although the exact role the drug counselor may play depends on the individual circumstance, he or she often acts as the go-to person during moments of crisis. During the session, you can talk about the crisis, learn more about the underlying thoughts and behaviors leading to the issues, and get advice on the best course of action to take for a more effective recovery.

In addition to talking about the roots of the dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns driving the addiction, substance abuse counselors may also direct you to:

  • Engage in group and/or individual therapy
  • Create realistic treatment goals
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms
  • Attend 12-step programs or other support groups
  • Enroll in an aftercare program
  • Live in a sober living accommodation
  • Find new employment

It is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. Additionally, it is key to work with someone reliable and non-judgmental whose opinion and advice you respect. During addiction counseling sessions, you should feel supported and safe, no matter in what stage of your recovery you are.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

When you suffer from drug addiction, you may find it hard to avoid temptation and triggers and live a life of sobriety. Working with a local, certified alcohol and drug counselor who specializes in helping those with a history of using drugs may be what you need.

During drug counseling sessions, you will find support in recognizing your triggers and underlying problems fueling your addiction. Additionally, an addiction counselor in Gunnison will guide you toward the right treatment program for you, whether a 12-step program or one of the more intensive substance abuse programs at treatment facilitates. You have a range of options for drug abuse counselors from which to choose.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Those who struggle with alcohol addiction find it best to work with an alcohol and drug counselor who specializes in helping those whose substance of choice is alcohol. During drug and alcohol counseling, you and the substance abuse counselor in Gunnison will go over options for treatment that match the stage of recovery you are in and other aspects of your individual circumstance. Additionally, you will have someone you can trust to call when you are in crisis and to talk about some of the underlying issues that led to the addiction.

One of the best ways to ensure you work with someone with the right training and credentials is to search for an addiction counselor in Gunnison certified by the National Association for Addiction Professionals. Among the many credentials for this certification is that the counselors must be state-licensed in their fields, such as psychology or social work.

Drug Addiction Counselor Gunnison, CO

Finding the right substance abuse counselor may seem daunting, but you do not have to go through this alone. It may take time to find the right addiction counselor in Gunnison to support you in your recovery in the way in which you need.

If you struggle to narrow down your option, contact The Recovery Village. Our staff can discuss your needs and preferences and give you guidance in finding the right person for you.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

When you look for a substance abuse counselor in Gunnison, you have many resources to tap. You can start with a search online to find local options; be sure to take time to look closely at the reviews and testimonies to get a feel for the counselor. Additionally, you can try the following:

  • Insurance provider: Many insurance companies provide some support for behavioral health, which may include working with a drug and alcohol counselor. Contact your provider to learn about the benefits of your policy and a list of preferred counselors.
  • A physician or another healthcare professional: Many doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, and other healthcare professionals have a network of professionals that may include a substance abuse counselor. Ask a trusted practitioner to find the right fit for you.
  • Personal network: You may find that someone in your personal network has gone through something similar and can share their experiences, as well as a recommendation for a drug counselor.
  • The Recovery Village: If you find that you struggle to find someone using the above resources, then contact The Recovery Village. Our staff will help you, or you can try one of our 24-hour hotlines: alcohol and drug.