Finding an Interventionist in Gunnison, Colorado

When you live with an addict, you live in fear — fear of getting a phone call telling you something tragic has happened, fear of getting a knock on the door telling you it is over. Living with an addict makes you feel frightened, helpless, and hopeless. You can stop the downward spiral and possibly save your loved one’s life with the help of an interventionist in Gunnison.

You may believe that the sole purpose of intervention is to get your loved one into a structured substance abuse treatment program in Gunnison. The goal of intervention is two-fold. Effective intervention begins by helping family members understand the unhealthy roles addiction has created for them. These unhealthy roles prevent your loved one from seeking help and leave you struggling for answers.

When you and other family members understand the enabling roles you have played and assume healthier roles, you can help your loved one seek treatment. Finding a qualified addiction intervention counselor with the experience needed to help your loved one is imperative. It is equally important to find an interventionist who is compatible with your loved one and with everyone involved.

Typically, your first contact with an interventionist in Gunnison will be by telephone. This phone interview allows you to discern whether or not the interventionist is qualified to help your loved one. This is also an opportunity for the Gunnison intervention counselor to learn about your loved one and to hear the opinions of all family members regarding the addict’s behavior. Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing intervention counselors in Gunnison:

  • Are you experienced with this type of addiction?
  • How do we prepare for the intervention?
  • What method of intervention do you use?
  • What happens after the intervention, if my loved one wants help?
  • What happens after the intervention, if my loved one refuses treatment?

It is also important to let the interventionist know about any special circumstances that may occur during the intervention. For instance, if your loved one struggles with anger issues or violent behavior, preparing the interventionist beforehand ensures he or she can handle a volatile situation.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Gunnison, CO

You and others have probably struggled with how to help your loved one for a long time. That is because addicts teach family members how to treat them, so they can live comfortably with addiction. It is common for family and friends to believe that an addict must ask for help before he or she can change. It is also a common belief that when the perfect job or the perfect partner comes along, your loved one will enter treatment. But these beliefs are false. The truth is that when those living with the addict engage in healthier behaviors, they can guide their loved one to treatment. A Gunnison drug intervention counselor can help your family regain control and get your loved one on the path to recovery.

Gunnison, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Regardless of the type of addiction affecting your loved one, drug intervention counselors follow a similar path to intervention. Here are the typical steps taken by Gunnison drug intervention counselors:

Step 1: An initial phone consultation is held to help the Gunnison drug intervention counselor learn about your loved one and what is preventing him or her from seeking treatment. Intervention counselors will attempt to get family members in agreement, instead of operating from divergent beliefs and opinions. Usually, these differing opinions have been taught by the addict and are used as a method of manipulation.

Step 2: Intervention counselors in Gunnison will educate your family about addiction to ensure long-term success for everyone involved. Learning about the mechanics of addiction and how it affects your entire family enables understanding and healing. Often family members believe their loved one must hit rock bottom before they can be helped. But nothing can be done until you understand and change enabling behaviors that keep your loved one from seeking treatment.

Step 3: Gunnison drug intervention counselors take action to get your loved one the help he or she needs. Fast action is imperative because waiting only strengthens addiction and heightens your family’s loss of control.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Many families are broken by alcohol misuse. Often, alcoholics do not recognize their addiction because drinking is legal and socially acceptable. But drinking is just as dangerous as any other type of addiction.

It is common for those involved in alcohol abuse to be stubborn and in denial. They often engage in destructive behavior and blame the world for their problems. This behavior is painful for loved ones, but alcoholics often deny the pain they cause. These traits are shared by all addicts.

Alcohol intervention counselors in Gunnison can help your loved one admit to addiction and seek help. By focusing on your loved one’s destructive behaviors and how you and other family members react to them, an interventionist in Gunnison can help your loved one and your family recover. An intervention counselor will also guide your family in creating a healthy environment for your loved one after he or she completes treatment.

To find addiction intervention programs in your area, you can start by searching online for intervention counselors in Gunnison. You may also find the following resources helpful:

Insurance Coverage – Locating an interventionist who accepts your health insurance can reduce some of your out-of-pocket costs.

Doctor’s Recommendation – Ask your family doctor for a referral. Most likely he or she has worked with other families struggling with addiction and can refer you to a qualified addiction counselor.

Personal Recommendation – If you know of someone who has used an alcohol interventionist in Gunnison, ask them about their experience. A personal referral is a great way to find a trusted counselor.

If your loved one is in danger because of addiction, waiting is not an option. An interventionist in Gunnison can encourage your loved one to start treatment and help family members reclaim their lives. An addiction intervention counselor offers the support and guidance your family deserves and needs. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find out more about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Gunnison area.