Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado

Long-term recovery is like crossing an infinite ocean; some days are calm and beautiful while others can be rough and unpredictable. To help you or someone you care for who is recovering from addiction in Fort Collins stay the course of sobriety, many avenues of support are needed.

One avenue that can help keep you afloat is establishing a sense of accountability. This is particularly crucial during the transition out of substance abuse treatment in Fort Collins and back into regular life. A structured, empirical, and reliable manner by which to enforce and maintain accountability is by utilizing the services of Fort Collins drug testing centers.

Fort Collins Drug Testing Centers

Fort Collins drug testing centers have the ability to test for a wide spectrum of substances that have been consumed at varying lengths of time. The type of test that is to be administered will depend on the situation for the test and the substances for which you are being tested. The type of drug test, or drug panel, administered is classified by the number and type of substances.

  • 5-panel drug tests isolate marijuana/THC, amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, and opiates
  • 6-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and benzodiazepines
  • 7-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and barbiturates
  • 8-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and methamphetamines
  • 9-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and methadone
  • 10-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and methaqualone
  • 12-panel drug tests isolate the previously mentioned and intensive opiate abuse, propoxyphene, and ecstasy

In addition to using Fort Collins drug testing centers to help you or your loved one maintain a structured level of accountability for recovery, other common situations that call for a drug test center are:

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Test: It is commonplace in society to expect to consent to a drug test as part of the application process for many local businesses. It is also common to experience random drug testing throughout the tenure of employment.
  2. Legal Procedures: Courts can stipulate regularly scheduled or random drug tests for a variety of legal situations, including probation, parole, child custody, and court-ordered rehabilitation.
  3. Annual Checkup: Some primary care physicians might include a drug test as part of your annual physical, particularly if there are past medical reasons to do so.

Once the Fort Collins drug testing center is aware of the situation for the test and the substances for which testing is required, the test itself can be administered and the sample collected. There are five main ways that a drug test center will obtain a sample to conduct the panel test.

  • Urine tests are incredibly popular and might be what first comes to mind when you think of drug testing centers. These tests can screen for a wide variety of commonly abused substances while being fairly quick and non-invasive in nature.
  • Saliva tests are even faster and similarly non-invasive than the urine test. These are perfect tests when checking to see if someone is currently under the influence, as the test can only identify what has been ingested in recent history.
  • Blood tests are the most thorough option for the drug test center and can give extensive information on what is in a person’s system. This test is a bit more invasive than a saliva or urine test, which can prove challenging if the person being tested is resistant or frightened of needles.
  • Hair tests provide the longest history of substance use. Hair follicles grow from nourishment through blood vessels, which leaves imprints of whatever was in a person’s system.
  • Perspiration tests, or sweat tests, are different from what you might expect a drug test to be. The person being tested will wear a patch for approximately 2 weeks to monitor what is excreted through the sweat glands. This newer test has many practical applications and is great for establishing accountability.

The next step of utilizing the services of Fort Collins drug testing centers is to find the center itself that will offer the test you need for your unique situation and substances. Instead of only searching the internet for “drug testing centers near me” or “drug testing facilities near me”, take a few moments to identify some other key features your ideal drug test center should possess.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Knowing the type of test you want is a major aspect of finding the right drug testing facilities in Fort Collins for you, but there are more attributes for which to search. Of course, your ideal drug test facility should be accredited and staffed with licensed and certified employees. Using drug testing facilities is a medical procedure in which your personal health information is involved, so a drug test facility that is known for maintaining confidentiality is extremely important. In addition, these expert drug testing facilities should produce accurate results from the tests; a false positive can have legal ramifications in certain circumstances. Lastly, drug testing facilities in Fort Collins can be quick without sacrificing any of the other criteria for which to search. You do not have to sacrifice an entire day to get quality care.

Perhaps finding drug testing facilities in Fort Collins seems a bit challenging to do completely on your own. Not to worry, as you do have a reliable 24/7 resource to help with finding Fort Collins drug testing centers and other amazing recovery resources. The Recovery Village is always available to help and your call is completely confidential. You can speak with mental health professionals about how you can bolster your support network and coast through your recovery with the greatest of ease. Why not call today?