Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Brighton, Colorado

Every family goes through their trying times, and every marriage comes with its own set of bumps here and there. Many times things can be worked out within the family, while at other times, the assistance of professional third parties may be warranted. Marriage counseling and family therapy In Brighton are designed to help families and couples overcome their battles in order to achieve and maintain a healthy home life. This type of psychotherapy focuses on the actions and habits of family members and how such behaviors may be negatively impacting the relationships within the family unit.

Marriage and family counseling in Brighton can be split between individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions as required. Marriage and family counselors can address any number of issues that may be affecting the marriage or family, such as mental health disorders, emotional issues, eating disorders, conflict between parents and children, issues dealing with elderly living at home, sexual dysfunction, and so forth.

Family counseling is especially helpful in cases where one or more family members are in need of substance abuse treatment in Brighton. Because addiction impacts the entire family, choosing to attend therapy as a family can often help the process of healing the wounds caused by addiction.

Couples or marriage counseling usually starts off with an initial session that is meant to help the therapist gather as much information about the couple as possible, as well as to give the couple a chance to get to know the counselor and find out what rules or guidelines are meant to be followed.

Marriage Counseling in Brighton, Colorado

Research studies have consistently uncovered the effectiveness of marriage counseling for couples who are unable to resolve their issues on their own. These therapeutic tactics can address a wide range of mental and emotional disorders, leaving clients with improved family and couple relationships, productivity, emotional health, physical health, and social life.

For couples who may be contemplating separation or divorce, marriage counseling can be the last resort before making such a final decision. The relationship itself is certainly the focus of marriage counseling, but each partner is also expected to make improvements to themselves and become more aware of how each person may be contributing to the issues and how they can make changes to improve the relationship.

Brighton Marriage Therapy

In marriage therapy, partners in a marriage are given the opportunity to discover more about each other and develop the necessary problem-solving skills needed to deal with conflicts that may arise in a marriage. The results desired will not only rely on the therapist’s experience and knowledge but also on the commitment and motivation of each partner in the marriage.

With the ongoing progression of treatment, partners will be able to become better communicators and listeners, while also learning how to support each other in different ways.

Many marriage counselors in Brighton offer individual sessions to each partner in the marriage, as well as traditional couples therapy as part of their treatment protocol, while others may offer individual sessions only upon request. Sessions are typically held once a week, though this schedule may change based on whether or not there are individual sessions involved as well.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

It would be worthwhile for couples to take the time to find out whether or not the counselor in question is a good fit for the couple. Couples should focus on counselors who are:

  • Trained and certified to be a marriage counselor
  • Experienced with the specific issues at hand
  • Able to come up with a sound, workable plan for the couple
  • Easily accessible
  • Compassionate
  • Able to take insurance as a form of payment

Couples might also be able to work with a marriage counselor online via video chat if meeting in person is not feasible.

Family Therapy Brighton, CO

People develop their sense of self, habits, means of communicating and relating with others, and worldviews from their families as children. As such, anyone who grows up in a dysfunctional family environment will be more likely to have trouble communicating with others as adults and may experience more troubles in their relationships.

On the other hand, those who are raised in a functional family environment are usually better able to deal with others in a healthy way as they get older.

Just about every family will likely go through some level of dysfunction at one point or another, and family therapy can provide families with a means of developing and maintaining a healthy, functional family.

Brighton Family Counseling

Family counseling is focused on dealing with issues that are negatively impacting the health and functions of a family and can be used to help families get through particularly difficult times in their lives. Whether it is a major transition, mental health problems, or behavioral issues among family members, family counseling can help.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

To find a family counselor near you, consider the following resources:

  • Doctors
  • Family and friends
  • Insurance providers
  • Online recommendations and reviews

Turning to marriage and family counseling to deal with marital and family problems is a huge step toward healing. When families are unable to deal with these issues effectively on their own, family and marriage counseling can help. Contact The Recovery Village today to discuss therapists and counselors in the Brighton area.