Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Boulder, Colorado

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If you suspect a loved one, a coworker, or a friend of substance abuse, drug testing facilities in Boulder can help you uncover the truth. Due to the current drug epidemic in America, drug screening is used for many reasons. Some of the most common circumstances that may require drug testing include:

Pre-employment testing – Depending on the position, some companies may require job candidates to pass a drug test as a condition of employment.

For cause and reasonable suspicion – An employer may require an employee to submit to drug testing if the employee appears to be unfit for work and substance abuse is suspected.

Post-accident – When a workplace accident occurs, employers sometimes require drug testing to rule out substance abuse.

Probation – Individuals on probation may be subjected to random drug testing. The consequence of a failed test may be incarceration.

Annual physicals – Companies requiring annual physicals for their workers may include drug screening as part of the exam.

Post-treatment – When an individual completes rehabilitation for substance abuse, the treatment facility, employer, or law enforcement may require drug testing to confirm sobriety.

School – Middle and high school students may be subjected to random drug testing to help keep school campuses safe and free of substance abuse.

Sports – Pro athletes, as well as amateur and collegiate athletes, may be required to participate in ongoing drug testing to ensure safe and fair competition.

The Recovery Village can help you find a drug test facility to fit your needs. Also if you are concerned about a loved one who is struggling with addiction, we have resources to help you locate addiction recovery programs and treatment facilities near Boulder. Contact us for more information.

Boulder Drug Testing Centers

Boulder drug testing centers provide several types of tests. The strength of each test may vary based on the substance for which the person is being tested and the type of specimen collected. Five-panel drug tests are typically administered by drug testing facilities in Boulder. Five-panel tests screen for the following five drug categories:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Cocaine
  3. Opiates
  4. Amphetamines
  5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

Some drug testing facilities in Boulder also screen for barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and ethanol (alcohol).  Based on the reason for testing, the test strength will vary. Also, most Boulder drug testing centers collect different types of specimens for drug screening. The types of specimens collected typically include the following:

  • Urine: Urine drug tests are common because they measure metabolites excreted in the urine. Metabolites remain after ingestion of a substance, and metabolite levels in the urine can be measured to prove alcohol or drug use.
  • Saliva: Saliva drug testing is also popular because it is noninvasive and fast. Saliva testing can only detect the presence of a substance used within a short period of time, however.
  • Hair:  Hair drug testing also measures metabolites. Metabolites circulate through blood vessels in the scalp and are filtered through the hair. Because metabolites remain in the hair, hair drug testing may be viewed as a permanent record of substance use.
  • Perspiration: Sweat drug testing is fairly new and takes several days to complete. Sweat drug tests involve securing a sweat patch to the skin. The patch remains on the skin for two weeks, and then it is removed and analyzed by a drug test center.
  • Blood: Blood drug tests render the most precise and accurate results. However, blood drug tests are rarely administered because they are invasive and costly.

When searching for reliable drug testing centers in Boulder, there are some key characteristics to look for, including:

  • Accuracy – Drug test results must be accurate. By locating a drug test facility through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), you can be sure you are receiving accurate results. You can find Boulder drug testing centers certified through HHS by visiting the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website.
  • Experience – Experienced drug testing facilities in Boulder provide professional and flawless procedures and accurate test results.
  • Privacy: -When it comes to drug test results, professional drug testing centers practice discretion. This means they will not share test results with unauthorized individuals.
  • Expediency – Whether you use drug testing for personal or professional reasons, it is important for results to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are several ways to locate reliable drug testing facilities in Boulder. You can start by searching online for “drug testing centers near me,” or “drug testing facilities near me.” It is common for online searches to include client reviews, and that can help you locate Boulder drug testing centers that are dependable and professional. You may also find reliable drug testing centers by consulting the following:

Your family doctor:  Your family physician has probably referred others to Boulder drug testing centers, and can refer you to one that is professional and reliable. Also, if testing is for you, your doctor knows your health history and the reason for testing and can refer you to the best drug testing center to fit your needs.

Your health insurance provider: Your health insurance carrier can provide you with a list of drug testing facilities that accept your insurance. This can reduce the cost of testing.

The Recovery Village: Representatives at The Recovery Village can answer your questions, and help you find reliable drug testing facilities and treatment programs in Boulder. We also have online channels to assist you. Contact us. We can help you or any of your loved ones who are battling addiction.