Finding an Interventionist in Arvada, Colorado

For an intervention in Arvada, Colorado to be successful, it must achieve the dual goals of helping the individual suffering from substance use disorder to see the need to enter into a structured addiction treatment program in Arvada and helping the family regain control of their lives and be a positive force for good. If an intervention is to succeed, the family and friends must first understand the pivotal role they play in a loved one’s addiction.

Since no two addictions are alike, it is important to choose an interventionist who has experience with the addiction in question. Understanding what the person will experience as he or she tries to break free of the addiction will be an important factor in providing the needed help.

An intervention is a deeply personal and emotional experience for all the participants, so it is important to choose an interventionist who fits well with everyone involved. Training and credentials are important, but the personality of the interventionist is a strong determinant of whether the interventionist will be persuasive when dealing with your loved one.

An Arvada interventionist will take time to interview the family and friends in order to better understand the person who is the focus of the intervention, the addiction, the history surrounding it, and any issues that might complicate the intervention, such as mental illness or a tendency toward violence. This interview is also a good time for the family to learn more about the process of intervention as well as to scope out the personality of the interventionist.

Some questions to discuss with the interventionist are:

  • Do you have experience with this particular type of addiction?
  • Which method of intervention do you use?
  • What is your success rate in getting people into treatment?
  • What kind of preparation should we expect?
  • What happens if my loved one does not want help?
  • What happens after the intervention in either case?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Arvada, CO

As part of the education process, many families are surprised to discover that they may have unwittingly contributed to their loved one’s addiction. Learning about accountability and codependency are part of this process, as is learning to identify ways their loved one may have trained or manipulated them to enable the addictive behavior.

It is not unusual for the addicted person to manipulate family members to sustain his or her addiction. In fact, it is a hallmark of those with substance use disorders. Addiction often has the effect of making a person selfish and largely oblivious to how his or her behavior is hurting people who love him or her. A drug intervention counselor will help the family realize that these behaviors and attitudes are fueled by the disease of addiction. By providing the family with eye-opening information about the nature of addiction, intervention counselors in Arvada help families begin the process of healing.

Arvada, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many interventionists in Arvada will follow a basic process when conducting an intervention:

Step 1: Initial Consultation. The interventionist will hold an initial consultation to understand the individual’s history with addiction and what may be contributing to the individual not seeking treatment. Also, the interventionist will use this opportunity to explore the behaviors and attitudes of the family to discern any areas of concern and help everyone involved get on the same page regarding what will happen during the actual intervention.

Step 2: Educate Family About Addiction. Learning about the nature of addiction will help family members learn ways to provide support and assistance to their loved one both during and after addiction treatment. Coming to terms with how addiction impacts a person physically, mentally, and emotionally will speed the healing process for the whole family.

Step 3: Getting The Process Started. An Arvada interventionist will likely encourage the family to move forward quickly once the intervention process begins. There is no upside to waiting to perform an intervention. Most people who suffer from substance use disorder will not get better without some assistance, and an intervention can be the catalyst for real and lasting change for the better. Why wait to start that process?

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

One of the most common forms of intervention is an alcohol intervention. Because alcohol is legally available and drinking it is generally considered as socially acceptable, it may be difficult to convince an alcoholic that he or she actually has a problem without the assistance of a professional.

An interventionist will likely concentrate on how a person’s drinking impacts the person and those whom the person loves rather than focusing on just how much the person drinks. By keeping the focus on the negative aspects of drinking to excess, the interventionist guides the alcoholic to understand the need for treatment.

When searching for an alcohol interventionist, it is important to consider some of the following things:

  • Insurance Coverage. Your insurance policy may cover some of the expense of an intervention. If that is the case, your insurance provider can tell you about interventionists in your insurance network.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations. A family doctor may have important input based on the family’s health history or may be aware of a local interventionist who has a good track record.
  • Online Referrals. Online search engines can be a useful resource in finding interventionists and reading reviews from prior clients. You may find useful information to narrow down your choices in this way.
  • Personal Recommendations. One of the best sources for interventionist and counselor referrals are people who have already benefited from their services. If you know someone who has used an interventionist in the past, ask them about their experience.

Having an intervention for your loved one is a difficult thing to handle, but it can be the first step toward addiction treatment and recovery for your loved one and healing for the entire family. Call The Recovery Village to learn about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Arvada area.