For people going through drug or alcohol rehab and recovery, support groups can be one key factor to success. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups can provide support throughout recovery and well beyond for those with a drug or alcohol addiction.

These wellsprings of hope provide places for healing and growth where people can work through issues and struggles under the guidance of a group leader or licensed counselor. Meetings are easy to find in the Arvada area, and members can both receive and give encouragement and guidance for sobriety here.

Many alcohol and drug rehab programs in Arvada incorporate and recommend AA or NA meetings, but there are also plenty of stand-alone meeting options throughout the area. For anyone pursuing freedom from alcohol or narcotics addiction, these meetings can provide it.

AA Meetings in Arvada, Colorado

The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group that welcomes anyone with the desire to stop drinking. Whether you are just beginning a quest for sobriety or have been sober for years, you can attend and benefit from a meeting. These meetings have a spiritual nature and focus on a 12-step program which helps dissolve the obsession to drink and helps members find empowerment to lead fulfilling, sober lives. Easy to find throughout the city, these safe spaces are places to unload and share the weight of addiction.

Peer support is valuable to recovery, and AA meetings in Arvada provide this. Not only can you find the skills to deal with and conquer addiction, but you can find camaraderie and a support network. However, it is important to find a group where you feel comfortable, and sometimes this can take a few tries.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Because Arvada AA meetings can vary so much in tone, mood, and topic depending on things like the leader, the time of day, and who is attending, you may need to try a group a few times or try a few different groups to find the one that feels best to you. When choosing an AA meeting, you may want to consider things like:

  • Where and when it is held
  • Who is leading and what is his or her background
  • Who attends and what is the average size
  • The format of the meetings

You can find meetings at churches, synagogues, community centers, libraries, and even private homes throughout the day and week. They are always free and open to anyone who wants to stop drinking. If you need more help finding a listing of meetings in your area, you can go to the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

Here are some AA meeting locations in Arvada to get you started:

Lion’s Club
5725 Teller St.
Arvada, CO 80002

College Drive
13810 West 85th Dr.
Arvada, CO 80005

King of Glory Lutheran Church
10001 West 58th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002

NA Meetings in Arvada, Colorado

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings follow the same guidelines and principles as AA meetings. They are free, are open to anyone dealing with a narcotics addiction, and are prevalent throughout the area. The meetings incorporate the same 12-step program and focus on the merits of honesty, open-mindedness, and the willingness to change.

Anyone who is struggling with (or has struggled with) a drug problem can attend Arvada NA meetings, and like AA meetings, they are held at community centers, houses of worship, and other locations throughout the area. These are judgment-free groups where you can find the support and guidance to find and stay strong in sobriety. You will see some people new on their journey and others will be well into sobriety; the place in the journey does not matter. The only thing that matters is your desire for a drug-free life.

Regardless of where you may be on your journey or what drugs you are trying to stop abusing, you will find support in these meetings. You will also realize you have something to offer. This support network can be one of the most important factors in recovery.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

NA meetings in Arvada are held across the city and surrounding area throughout the week and year-round. You can find a meeting most any time of day. Remember, meetings will vary depending on who is leading, where and when the meetings are held, and the group dynamics.

You can try a few meetings to find the one that is right is for you. If you need help locating a meeting, use the Narcotics Anonymous website. You can also reach out to nearby community centers, The Salvation Army, or local churches or synagogues.

Here are some NA meeting locations nearby to get you started:

United Methodist Church
6750 Carr St.
Arvada, CO 80004

West Pines Administration Bldg.
3400 Lutheran Pkwy.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Westminster United Methodist Church
3585 West 76th Ave.
Westminster, CO 80030

The Recovery Village believes that peer support groups are an essential part of recovery. They provide strength and encouragement and also remind you that you are never alone. Addiction is isolating and lonely, but you do not have to overcome it alone. Finding an AA or NA meeting can be the life change for which you have been looking.

Please reach out to our representatives at The Recovery Village for any information regarding AA and NA meetings, treatment programs, and any other resources we offer. Sobriety can be yours, and we can help you find it.