Frequently Asked Questions About Lexapro (Escitalopram)

Lexapro (also known generically as escitalopram) is a drug most commonly prescribed for anxiety disorder and major or generalized depression. It is an SSRI antidepressant (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) that is popularly dispensed by medical professionals for adults and adolescents (who must be at least 12 years old) suffering with depression. Other uses for Lexapro include treatment of social disorder, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). For individuals being treated, Lexapro works by restoring the balance of serotonin the brain, a neurotransmitter that helps effect mood.

Lexapro is not considered a physically-addictive drug, though psychological addiction can occur if it is misused. When taken at doses or frequencies other than those recommended by a physician, reliance on Lexapro to achieve a greater sense of positive mood can be habit forming. This addiction can result in unpleasant side effects such as depression, hallucinations, electric shock sensations, irritability, insomnia and more.

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