Inhalants – FAQ

Readily available and easily consumed, inhalants are typically store-bought products that are misused for the purpose of altering one’s mind. Inhalants are substances that include gases, solvents, aerosol sprays, and nitrites that can be purchased at any store. Purchased products used as the source for inhaling typically include common household items such as glues, gasoline, leather cleaner, room air fresheners, spray paints, markers, lighter fluid, whipped cream dispensers, deodorant sprays, propane tanks, vegetable oil sprays, cleaning fluids, and more.

Individuals, mostly young adults, inhale the fumes from these products to get “high.” The effects on the person using these stems from various chemicals in the product that, when inhaled, can produce a psychoactive, or mind-altering effect. Depending on the substance being inhaled and equipment used to do so, the terms used for consuming inhalants can be called snorting, bagging, huffing, or sniffing.

Inhalants affect the central nervous system of the individual and slow down brain activity. Effects are typically short-term, lasting only a few minutes and can include feeling euphoric, dizzy, or uncoordinated. Speech can also be affected, becoming slurred or distorted. Due to the short length of the effects, people often repeat inhaling many times over. This can increase the side effects to then include hallucinations, delusions, lack of inhibition, and extreme drowsiness.

Overdose related to inhalants is a possibility since solvents and aerosol are highly concentrated chemicals. Inhaling these products can lead to seizures, coma, and death. as the introduction of them into the body can cause the heart to stop minutes after introduction. Addiction is not typical – but is also a possibility, as it is when any substance is abused.

Whether you’ve used inhalants yourself or know someone who has, you likely have questions about them. To learn more, check out our frequently asked questions or call a representative from The Recovery Village who can answer your questions.