Heroin Addiction Related Topics

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Heroin Related Topics

Understanding What Heroin Does To The BrainWhat heroin does to the brain explains why users feel the euphoric rush or high they describe, but it can also be alarming to look at just how heroin affects the brain.
When Heroin Hit the SuburbsMany people believe when heroin hit the suburbs happened when prescription drug use became problematic.
Understanding Why Heroin Addicts RelapseThe relapse rate for all substance abuse disorders ranges from 40 to 60%, but the rate for heroin specifically is as high as 90%, or even greater.
Understanding Why Heroin Feels So GoodIt’s the way the drug makes them feel, and then ultimately it rewires their brain and changes how they experience pleasure and emotions
Why Heroin Smells Like Vinegar and Other Characteristics of the DrugThe general answer to why heroin smells like vinegar is because it’s a result of the chemical processes that are used to make the drug.
Why Heroin Makes You ItchDermotillomania and skin picking are two things that can relate to feeling itchy when on heroin, but when these conditions occur the person may not actually be experiencing itchiness
How Heroin is SmokedWhen someone smokes heroin what they actually do is inhale the fumes and smoke, making it different than many other drugs that are smoked.
How Heroin Addiction Affects FamiliesAs much as parents and spouses of heroin addicts can be affected by drug use, perhaps no group has more long-lasting damage done to their lives than the children of heroin addicts.
How Heroin Affects the Nervous SystemAfter your nervous system is consistently exposed to opioids and the subsequent elevated levels of dopamine, you adjust and develop a tolerance to heroin
How Heroin Affects the HeartUnfortunately, despite the important role of the heart, drugs including heroin can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system.