Heroin Addiction Related Topics

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Heroin Related Topics

Why Heroin Makes You ItchFind out why people who use heroin itch and scratch themselves so much and then learn about the different ways people manage the itchiness that often accompanies opioid use.
Smoking Heroin: What Goes Into Smoking Heroin?While heroin is most commonly injected, some people choose to smoke it instead. Find out why those people smoke rather than inject and what are the unique risks they face for doing so.
How Heroin Affects FamiliesHow does heroin affect families? Heroin hurts more than one person. Parents, children, siblings and extended family can feel the effects of heroin addiction, too.
How Heroin Affects the Nervous SystemAfter your nervous system is consistently exposed to opioids and the subsequent elevated levels of dopamine, you adjust and develop a tolerance to heroin
How Heroin Affects the HeartUnfortunately, despite the important role of the heart, drugs including heroin can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system.
How Heroin Affects SocietyHeroin use are on the rise, and it’s important for people to understand the signs of opioid abuse and the impacts these drugs can have on lives and society.
How Heroin Addiction StartsWhile the use of prescription painkillers may be one way how heroin addiction starts, there can be other gateway drugs that lead users down the path of this drug.
How to Help a Heroin AddictSo what you can you do? How can you help a heroin addict? How to help a heroin addict is a difficult question, because there is very little you can do.
Heroin Overdose Treatment, Signs & SymptomsRecognizing the signs and symptoms of a heroin overdose is key to seeking prompt and effective treatment.
What Is A SpeedballSpeedball is the potentially lethal combination of cocaine and heroin. Taken together, these two drugs increase the risk of overdosing and experiencing negative symptoms.
Heroin and CrackWhat is the difference between crack and heroin? Find out about the difference between these two drugs and the dangers of combining them.
Methadone Treatment for HeroinBelow is more information about heroin and methadone, and details of the use of methadone treatment for heroin.
Differences Between Heroin and MorphineThe following provides individual information about heroin and morphine and then highlights the key differences between heroin and morphine.
The Heroin and Opioid EpidemicHow do heroin and opioids work? What makes them so addictive, and what are the important facts to know about the heroin and opioid epidemic?
Heroin and Suboxone: Interactions, Dangers, & BenefitsSo, what should you know about heroin and Suboxone? What is heroin and is it really different from Suboxone?
Heroin Laced Weed SymptomsThe following provides more information about heroin and weed separately, and also details on how you can identify heroin-laced weed symptoms.
Heroin Abscess and TreatmentAn abscess from heroin or one that occurs from any needle-based drug use refers to a collection of fluid or pus that’s build up in the tissue of the user.
Heroin Antidote Narcan Saving LivesHeroin is a powerful and highly addictive drug that’s classified as an opioid, but there is an antidote.
Heroin Marks on Arms & InfectionThe following provides an overview of heroin, intravenous drug use, and what the term “heroin arm” refers to.
Heroin Chemical Structure and MetabolismThe following provides information about the heroin chemical structure, heroin chemical formula, and how heroin is metabolized.
Heroin ChicIt’s unfortunate that drugs become glamorized because they destroy lives and cause death, but what exactly was the heroin chic movement?
Heroin History Timeline in the U.S.The following is an overview of the heroin history timeline and heroin addiction history.
Heroin Cutting AgentsHeroin cutting agents are included in heroin sold on the streets. These cutting agents can be extremely harmful.
Heroin KitAnother phrase you may hear regarding the opioid epidemic is heroin kit. A heroin kit is something that includes everything to get high.
Identifying a Heroin NeedleAlong with a heroin needle, what are other signs to look out for regarding possible drug issues?