What To Know About a Heroin Addict Before And After

Heroin is popular among drug users. One of the reasons is because of the simultaneous rise in abuse of prescription opioids. People who abuse prescription drugs often then turn to heroin because it’s cheaper and more accessible. It’s also easier to use heroin in other ways aside from injecting it, which some people find appealing.

While heroin use has gone up substantially among all demographic groups, so too have the number of overdoses and associated deaths. Heroin is an incredibly dangerous drug. It’s dangerous on its own because it can lead to respiratory failure, but it’s also dangerous because of the substances it’s often mixed or cut with.

When someone buys heroin, they have no way of knowing what else is in it, and those substances can range from being innocuous, like sugar, to incredibly harmful, such as fentanyl. Fentanyl is a prescription opioid that’s significantly more potent than morphine and heroin. Fentanyl is being added to heroin and even a very small amount can lead to an overdose or death.

There are so many ways heroin impacts the life of the user and the people around them. You can just look at how someone addicted to heroin was before and after their addiction to see how extensive these changes can be.

What To Know About a Heroin Addict Before And After
When someone takes heroin for the first time, it triggers a flood of dopamine that is responsible for the euphoric high they experience. That flood of dopamine then triggers the brain to think it needs to continue doing the activity that brought that pleasurable response. That person’s brain rewires to perform drug-seeking activities and behaviors because they want to keep recreating the feeling of the high.

Unfortunately, at the same time the brain feels high, the respiratory system is also slowing and blood pressure is dropping.

With a person addicted to heroin, the health-related effects range from heart and lung problems to the development of diseases like hepatitis.

The physical effects that you can see when looking at someone addicted to heroin are often traumatic on their own. However, heroin also wreaks havoc on their mental and emotional state as well. When you use heroin, it becomes difficult for you to process information or understand basic concepts and your stress response is altered.

You feel as if you need heroin to function in the most basic ways, and you become desperate and entirely focused on making sure you obtain more of the drug. That sense of desperation is likely to have an impact on all areas of your life.

When looking at someone addicted to heroin, you may see they have broken marriages and family relationships, their school or work life has suffered tremendously, they often experience financial problems and there isn’t a part of their life that is untouched by their addiction.

Also, along with symptoms like irritability and hostility, when you use heroin for longer periods, your brain becomes unable to feel pleasure like you once did because your brain has started to think it can only feel pleased with the presence of the drug.

Eventually, this can subside, but it does take time during the recovery process.

One of the biggest questions people have is what heroin does to a user’s face. Often, when you compare pictures of people before and after addiction, you’ll notice their face looks gaunt, which is a visible sign of the weight loss they’ve experienced because of the drug. People who use heroin also tend to have dark circles under their eyes and they may be pale or even have a bluish tint to their skin.

When you use heroin, it ages your face quickly and since it can create a sensation of itchiness, people who use heroin may have sores or scabs on their face.

If you or a loved one live with heroin addiction, consider seeking treatment at The Recovery Village. Call today and speak with a representative who can talk to you about addiction treatment and how addressing addiction and co-occurring disorders can change your life for the better.

What To Know About a Heroin Addict Before And After
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