Are Heroin Addicts Suicidal?

Are heroin addicts suicidal? This isn’t an uncommon question, but it can be complex to answer.

In some ways, there are heroin addicts who are suicidal, but it’s a complicated scenario. The following provides answers to the question of “are heroin addicts suicidal.”

Are Heroin Addicts Suicidal?
There are some harrowing statistics that show links between addiction and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

There has been research that’s shown that alcohol and drug abuse are number two on the list of risk factors for suicide, only behind depression and mood disorders. In one study it was shown that alcohol and drug abuse disorders were associated with an increase of six times in the risk of suicide attempts happening.

Despite the fact that numbers and research are continuing to show links between suicide and substance abuse, a lot more research needs to be done on the topic to understand just what the relationship is, according to experts.

While both depression and addiction are separate leading causes of suicide, they also often happen together, which is called a co-occurring disorder. People who suffer from mood disorders including depression are more likely to do drugs like heroin. This is because they want to self-medicate and deal with the symptoms of their mood disorder through the use of drugs and alcohol. This puts them as even more of a risk of committing suicide than if they just suffered from a mental disorder or just from an addiction to heroin or another substance.

Around half of opiate users, which includes heroin, report having experienced depression at some point in their life, and when depression occurs in someone who has a heroin addiction, long-term recovery is difficult unless both conditions are treated simultaneously. This is why it’s essential for people to participate in dual diagnosis treatment programs if they have a mental disorder and also an addiction.

If someone is depressed and a heroin addict and they only receive treatment for the addiction, as an example, it will increase the likelihood of relapsing, as compared to receiving treatment for both conditions at the same time.

When you already have a psychiatric disorder and take heroin, you’re more likely to experience negative side effects as a result as well.

What many people don’t understand is what a powerful effect heroin has on the brain of the user. So are heroin addicts suicidal?

In some cases, they may not be before they start using the drug, but the drug changes their brain in a way that either exacerbates underlying mental conditions or creates them. Heroin can contribute to symptoms including having low energy, feelings of social isolation, flat emotions, anxiety, and ultimately, suicidal thoughts.

Heroin also contributes to the likelihood of committing suicide because it impacts every area of the addict’s life. For example, if you’re addicted to heroin it may cause relationships to end including marriages, it can leave you isolated, you may have job loss and financial problems, and you may also have legal problems. All of these factors can contribute to suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

Important to the question of are heroin addicts suicidal is withdrawal as well. Withdrawal occurs when someone has a physical dependence on heroin, and they stop using it. When that happens, it can lead to not just physical symptoms like cravings, sleep problems, and gastrointestinal symptoms, but also emotional symptoms. People who are withdrawing from heroin may feel hopeless or alone, which can give rise to suicidal thoughts.

So, to answer the question of are heroin addicts suicidal, not all of them, but it is definitely a very real risk of using this dangerous drug.

Are Heroin Addicts Suicidal?
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