Professional Education Series: Perfectly Hidden Addiction

Professional Education Series: Perfectly Hidden Addiction

Professional Education Series: Perfectly Hidden Addiction


Speaker: Dr. Margaret Rutherford, Ph.D.


Statistics show us the frightening reality that reports of destructive perfectionism, depression, suicide (or suicidal thoughts), and alcohol use/abuse are rising exponentially. How might they be interwoven? And what new approaches, concepts, and techniques can mental health clinicians use to effectively treat these clients who fear vulnerability and loss of control. Dr. Margaret Rutherford, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression, will lead this timely discussion.


1) Learn the pandemic’s effect on alcohol use and the most recent correlations between alcohol use, depression, and suicide.

2) Be able to identify the most effective therapeutic approach to depression when perfectionism is present and how that might lead to a much earlier revelation of substance abuse by someone struggling with perfectionism and addiction.

3) Be able to identify three major types of perfectionism studied by researchers and the distinction between destructive versus constructive perfectionism.

4) List ten characteristics of the syndrome of perfectly hidden depression and compare those characteristics to the irrational thinking patterns involved in alcoholism.

5) Define emotional sobriety, its two major forms, distractive thinking versus the much slower, more process-oriented thinking that leads to learning how to self-regulate emotions, and when each form is appropriate.

6) Be able to use the five stages of treatment for perfectly hidden depression (Consciousness, Commitment, Confrontation, Connection, and Change) as basic structure for treatment of destructive perfectionism and alcohol abuse, with recommendations for alignment with the goal of emotional sobriety.

Time: 10 AM- 11:30 AM EST

1 Credit Hour Provided

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April 5


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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