IAFF Center of Excellence Continuing Education: Indianapolis

The IAFF Center of Excellence will be hosting a free, behavioral health training for fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers.

Join the IAFF Center of Excellence team for a continuing education training for members and peer supporters looking to expand their knowledge about behavioral health issues in the fire service.

This training will highlight the specific forms of anxiety, such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety. The presenter will define anxiety, discuss the various forms of the issue and identify common symptoms associated with anxiety related disorders.

Participants will also explore the ways the fire service and chronic, cumulative exposure to trauma can impact anxiety and effective treatment modalities for such disorders. Attendees will increase insight into the physical and emotional manifestations of the issue and be equipped to better recognize anxiety in themselves and their peers.

Secondly, this training will address the Stress Continuum Model, an assessment tool developed by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to help service members better identify their stress levels and reactions to stress. This model creates a common language, gives examples of observable warning signs for stress and can be applied to many different populations, including the fire service. This module will help attendees understand how stress develops, better identify unmanaged stress in oneself and peers and practical ways for managing acute and chronic stress

Lastly, a focus on understanding and navigating the behavioral health care system will be featured. Training attendees will be better equipped to identify and utilize behavioral health treatment resources, as well as gain a greater understanding of what to expect when accessing and engaging in treatment. Insight will be provided into behavioral health assessments, treatment planning and frequently used treatment modalities and approaches for fire service clients.

Training is held in conjunction with IFD and Local 416 Indianapolis Professional Fire Fighters and will begin at 10 AM EST at the Indianapolis Fire Department Headquarters at 955 Fort Wayne Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.

Fire service members outside of IFD are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Complimentary lunch and certificates of attendance will be provided.

All attendees must register to participate.


April 26


01:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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International Association of Fire Fighters

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Indianapolis Fire Department Headquarters

955 Fort Wayne Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indianapolis, IN, US, 46204