Community Education Series: The Family Experience: Help Them Help You

Community Education Series: The Family Experience: Help Them Help You


Isolated. Scared. Anxious. Many parents and family members feel that way when seeking mental health care for their loved one, but it is also how many feel while their loved one is actually receiving treatment! Take a deep dive into the experience and perspective of family members, along with some straightforward tips on ways you can help ensure that family is doing their best to support your work. Tara will share her own story as well as lessons learned from the hundreds of families she's worked with as a parent coach, advocate, and producer of mental health conferences.

Speaker: Tara J Rolstad

About the Speaker:

Whether speaking to businesses, faith communities, medical professionals, mental health workers, family members or general audiences, Tara Rolstad, MBA, is uniquely direct, funny, and passionate.

Tara is an advocate, author and professional speaker who left a career as a nonprofit executive to help raise nieces who lived with severe mental illness, and who has a child who has lived with severe depression.

Now, Tara helps organizations better understand the experiences of those who struggle with mental health, and their families; and guides them to help create safer, more effective and loving communities for those with mental health challenges. Tara is the founder and director of Shattering Stigma with Stories: Understanding Mental Health, producing mental health conferences for school districts, faith communities, businesses and other organizations that have reached more than 1500 people. She has also performed stand-up comedy around the Pacific Northwest with Stand Up for Mental Health and Mental Health at the Mic, and is co-author of the book "No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh: Mental Illness and Stand-Up Comedy: Transforming Lives,” a Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist.


1. Better understand the experiences of family members, especially parents, whose loved one is seeking mental health care.

2. Identify the most difficult obstacles facing parents seeking and supporting treatment for their kids

3. Learn 3 key steps you can take to ensure that your client's family is supporting them, and not working against their goals in treatment.

Time: 2PM-3PM EST

No credits will be provided for attending this training. Our Community Education Series is open to the public and anyone interested in learning more about addiction and other mental health topics. Note: These webinars are not accredited by the NBCC and are not eligible for continuing education hours.


November 3


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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