Community Education Series: Problem Gambling & Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Problem Gambling & COVID-19 Pandemic Closures and Re-openings of Gambling Venues


A philosophical presentation that draws on recent addiction studies and also examines the various immediate and long-term effects of “Forced Abstinence” vs “Self-Imposed Abstinence” on Problem Gamblers during and post of the COVID-19 Pandemic closures and re-openings of physical gambling venues.

Speaker: Remedy Max, MA, BA, DRI-ABCP

About the Speaker:

Remedy Max is the owner and President of RemedyBlox - a company that delivers a host of public educational platforms as well as risk mitigation support services to both the corporate sector and to members of the general public across Canada, in the USA and internationally looking to enhance their core risk mitigation capacity against various agents of chaos and associated harms, losses and liabilities.


1.) Define and identify the pros and cons of Forced vs Self-Imposed Abstinence on the Gambling Addiction Spectrum

2.) Insights of how closures of physical gambling venues during COVID-19 Pandemic and post openings may have affected abstinence, relapse propensity (e.g., gambling intensity/frequency, economic/social belonging/standing, inclination for criminal activity to feed the addiction), mental/physical wellbeing, social connectivity, addiction vice transference propensity and/or addiction comorbidity on Problem Gamblers

3.) Examining spikes in online gambling during and post COVID-19 Pandemic and the long term impacts on Problem Gamblers.

4.) Bracing for the next phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic and assisting problem gamblers deal with added stressors and relapse

5.) Lessons learns from the COVID-19 Pandemic lock-downs and re-openings and next steps.

We will also be doing a live raffle during the event! To be entered in the giveaway please be present for introductions during the first 5 minutes of the meeting. We will announce the winner towards the end of the presentation.

Time: 2PM-3PM EST

No credits will be provided for attending this training. Our Community Education Series is open to the public and anyone interested in learning more about addiction and other mental health topics. Note: These webinars are not accredited by the NBCC and are not eligible for continuing education hours.


September 15


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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