For qualified plan holders, we accept United Behavioral Health insurance for alcohol, drug and substance abuse rehab, detoxification and therapeutic services.

Addiction affects a person’s mental health as well as their physical well-being. It’s a disorder that not only causes a physical dependence but a psychological dependence as well. Over time, chronic use of certain substances can even create changes in the brain and how it functions. If there are underlying mental health issues or medical ailments, they can be worsened by substance abuse.

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Ultimately, an addicted person requires treatment for a wide range of issues. Psychiatric intervention, medication for mental health or physical stabilization, ongoing psychotherapeutic support, medication maintenance, and aftercare services – there is a long list of different treatment services that may be appropriate in varying combinations for different patients.

At United Behavioral Health, customers will find that mental health treatment services are covered just like traditional medical treatments. Though each policy is different and not all services will be covered under every circumstance, there is a range of treatment options for substance abuse that will be covered for most customers holding insurance policies through United Behavioral Health.

Covered disorders

Customers can find treatment for a range of substance abuse and substance abuse-related disorders through United Behavioral Health, including:

Oftentimes, patients who struggle with mental health disorders try and use alcohol or drugs to medicate their symptoms. The end result is the need for intensive treatment for both the underlying mental health disorder and the substance abuse. United Behavioral Health insurance policyholders will be able to access coverage for both issues simultaneously under most policies.

Covered services

United Behavioral Health insurance policies provide for coverage of the following substance abuse treatment services under most circumstances:

  • Medication-assisted treatment and ongoing medication management
  • Day treatment programs
  • Acute inpatient rehabilitation
  • Residential rehab
  • Aftercare and follow-up services

These services will be covered under many policies if the provider chosen is in the United Behavioral Health network. If a provider outside the network is chosen, only partial coverage may be provided after the deductible is met.

Getting answers

The language used to define covered services on an insurance policy can be difficult to navigate and understand. United Behavioral Health customers can get the help they need to decipher their policy and determine what substance abuse treatment services are covered and in what amounts when they call the 24-hour customer service call center. A representative will be able to help:

  • Assist in dealing with substance abuse emergencies (NOTE: If a life-threatening medical emergency is the issue, call 911.)
  • Answer questions about benefits
  • Resolve issues concerning treatment
  • Track progress during recovery

Online services are also available to members so they can access behavioral health care benefits and information, research substance abuse and health issues, utilize financial calculators to determine cost of services, and interact with others on chat boards and online forums.

Assistance is available every day and night of the week. Don’t wait to connect with the services that will help you or your loved one overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Here at The Recovery Village, we work with a wide variety of health insurance plans. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding paying for treatment here.

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