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Typically, doctors will discuss the risks associated with new prescriptions, as many medications should be consciously blocked from interacting with others. Anexsia is a commonly prescribed narcotic, and if it’s taken alongside other substances it can cause some serious reactions. Unfortunately, Anexsia has a high rate of substance misuse and is often mixed with alcohol to achieve stronger euphoric results.

To better understand the possible reactions of mixing alcohol and Anexsia, the following section will highlight important details about the drug, including its side effects and possible reactions if mixed with alcohol.

Mixing Anexsia and Alcohol

Anexsia is an opioid that is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. The narcotic’s most active ingredient is hydrocodone with small amounts of acetaminophen; the combination of these two substances creates a powerful effect, making Anexsia more potent than other narcotics.

Before writing a prescription for Anexsia, a doctor will review the risks, side effects, and possible reactions if it’s mixed with different medications. They will then ask a patient to provide their medical history, so they can assess whether Anexsia is safe for them to take.

Anexsia is known to cause side effects, some of which are common and mostly harmless while others can be extremely uncomfortable and severe. Common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, and dry mouth. More serious side effects of Anexsia are shallow breathing, slowed heart rate, confusion, painful stomach cramps, extreme dizziness, seizures, and strong sedation that may lead to a coma.

Someone taking Anexsia should avoid taking certain medications, like other narcotics, to prevent unwanted reactions.

Most importantly, anyone taking Anexsia should never mix it alcohol.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, like Anexsia. Separately, both substances slow down the function of vital organs and both are capable of producing side effects without assistance. When mixed, alcohol enhances the effects of Anexsia because it increases the amount of hydrocodone in a person’s body to levels that can be fatal. The mixture also increases how quickly the body absorbs it, so it doubles not only the amount but also the rate of absorption.

These high levels of Anexsia in the body can impair a person’s judgment and motor skills, making it difficult for them to remain balanced or hold something in their hands. The combination can also cause severe mental confusion and respiratory depression.

Mixing Anexsia and Alcohol

When it comes down to it, mixing alcohol with Anexsia is not only dangerous but it could be fatal. Just one high dose of Anexsia consumed with a moderate amount of alcohol can cause irreversible liver damage.

Anexsia and alcohol both slow down a person’s heart rate and breathing, and the combined effects increase the chance of respiratory depression.

If you or a loved one take an opioid like Anexsia and you think misuse is present, finding the right rehabilitation center is important for long-term recovery and living a substance-free life. Contact The Recovery Village to learn about our great programs that will meet your individual needs. Call our toll-free 24/7 hotline at 855-548-9825. It’s always confidential and our team will thoroughly provide you with helpful information.

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