Alcohol Addiction Related Topics

Are you seeking help for alcohol addiction for you or a loved one? Are you interested in learning more about the way alcohol effects the body and mind? Are you or someone you know going through the recovery process and looking for helpful tips to stay sober? You can find the answers to these questions and more here. Type your question in the text box or navigate through the complete list of resources below to get started.

Alcohol Related Topics

Social Data Focused Alcohol Abuse InfographicIn an overly exposed world, some might wonder how much of a contribution social media might bring to teen and adult alcohol abuse. We have your answer.
Understand the 5 Types of AlcoholicsThe NIAAA researchers found that there were five distinct patterns of alcohol dependence.
Taking Advantage of Alcoholics Anonymous in AftercareAddiction is a complex and chronic disease, affecting neural pathways in the brain related to pleasure, reward, and motivation.
A Guide to Court-Ordered Alcoholism TreatmentDrug courts work, but their power is derived from fear of time spent behind bars and a life marred by a prison sentence. Learn about court-ordered rehab.
Health and Wellness for Alcoholics in TreatmentThe role and benefit of health and wellness for alcoholics in treatment for their addiction including diet, nutrition, exercise and meditation.
The History of Alcohol You’ve Never Heard OfAlcohol’s forms and its uses have changed drastically through the ages. Here’s the rich history of alcohol you’ve never heard of.
Psychotherapy in Alcohol Addiction RecoveryUnderstanding the role of psychotherapy in treating alcoholism. How, why and when therapy is beneficial in alcohol addiction recovery.
Testing and Screening for AlcoholismRead about the alcohol screening tools available to assist in determining the presence and severity of various alcohol related issues.
20 Surefire Ways of Coping with Alcohol WithdrawalThe key is to just get through it. Remember, it gets easier and the pain is only temporary. Here are twenty things that you can do: Drink lots of fluids. Don't do it alone. Remember you are not alone. Ride out the craving wave. Write yourself a letter...
Alcohol Withdrawal TimelineIf you or a loved one are about to begin the journey to sobriety, here's what you can expect from alcohol withdrawal at various stages. Stage 1: 6-12 hours:Minor hand tremorsSleep disturbances. low-level stress or anxiety. Stomach upset/loss of appetite. Sweating. Headaches. Stage 2: 12-48 hours:Hallucinations. Withdrawal seizures. General tonic-clonic seizures. Stage 3:48-72 hours: Further hallucinations. Delirium tremens. Disorientation. Increased heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. Sweating.
Alcohol Addiction Related Topics
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