Alcohol Addiction Related Topics

Are you seeking help for alcohol addiction for you or a loved one? Are you interested in learning more about the way alcohol effects the body and mind? Are you or someone you know going through the recovery process and looking for helpful tips to stay sober? You can find the answers to these questions and more here. Type your question in the text box or navigate through the complete list of resources below to get started.

Alcohol Related Topics

When It’s Time To Leave An Alcoholic BoyfriendUnderstanding the warning signs and when to seek help for your alcoholic boyfriend can help you make an informed decision regarding your future together.
The 3 Keys to Overcome Alcoholism: Remember, Recall, Re-EngagePain, anger, and frustration surround the struggle of alcoholism. Maybe you've tried to overcome but relapsed so many times you're close to quitting. Don't.
Inpatient vs. Outpatient Alcohol Detox—Which Is Best?Detox is the first step to treat addiction. We'll talk about inpatient detox vs. outpatient detox, and which one might be best for your situation.
4 Ways To Relax Without AlcoholWhen you begin a life in recovery, it can be difficult to learn how to wind down without alcohol. Here are four tips to help you relax without alcohol.
High Functioning Alcoholics by the NumbersHigh functioning alcoholics are often in denial and largely undiagnosed. Get the facts about high functioning alcoholics and addiction.
How to Tell Friends and Family You’re Struggling With AlcoholismTelling your family that you're an alcoholic doesn't have to be shameful. Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery.
How Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Affects AdulthoodThe signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are often noticeable in early childhood, but few people know how to recognize it. 
4 Facts To Consider Before Deciding On Outpatient Alcohol DetoxSome are able to safely come off alcohol outside of an inpatient facility. If planning to detox in an outpatient facility, here's what to keep in mind.
Dealing with an Alcoholic in the FamilyDealing with an alcoholic is painful and you may feel there is no solution to the problem. You are not alone and effective resources are available.
Depression + Alcoholism = Increased Suicidal Tendencies?Read about how a lifelong struggle with drug and alcohol addiction may have contributed to Robin Williams taking his own life.
Alcohol Addiction Related Topics
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