Alcohol Addiction Related Topics

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Alcohol Related Topics

20 Surefire Ways of Coping with Alcohol WithdrawalThe key is to just get through it. Remember, it gets easier and the pain is only temporary. Here are twenty things that you can do: Drink lots of fluids. Don't do it alone. Remember you are not alone. Ride out the craving wave. Write yourself a letter...
Alcohol Withdrawal TimelineAlcohol withdrawal may vary individually, but for most symptoms generally disappear 7 days after cessation.
Drunk Driving Rates Down, Drugged Driving Rates UpRecently, the organization released a report that said that while the rates of drivers drinking and then getting behind the wheel are down
Benefits of Stopping DrinkingHave you ever considered stopping drinking? Research shows the benefits are extensive and can even reverse damage. Learn more about the benefits of ceasing alcohol use.
Health Problems Associated with Heavy DrinkingThere are dozens health-related issues due to heavy drinking, this article explores the major health conditions associated with high consumption of alcohol.
Statistics Reveal Binge Drinking Can Affect You In The Short-Term And Long-TermThe phenomenon of binge drinking is nothing new, but the short-term and long-term effects on the body make it incredibly dangerous.
5 Signs You Have a Drinking ProblemHere are five signs that your drinking has reached a level that could require intervention and treatment
One Year Of Not Drinking: What You Need To KnowWhen you decide to quit drinking, sobriety can seem scary. Learn more about what to expect when you quit drinking for a year.
Drunk Driving StatisticsDrunk driving devastates and ends many lives every year.
How To Stop Drinking Once And For AllIt’s not about the actions you take, but also the mentalities you foster. Here are the rules to guide you as you begin your recovery journey.
What Really Happens To Your Brain When You DrinkDrinking has become a huge part of society, but what really happens to your brain when you're tossing back shots of liquor?
Alcohol Facts and StatisticsWhat do current alcohol abuse statistics look like? Read these statistics about alcoholism for more information.
Teenage Alcohol AbuseUnderage drinking has become a public health concern in the United States that not only affects youth, but also their families.
Addiction Stories: Laura SilvermanRead About Laura Silverman's Nearly Catastrophic Struggle With Alcoholism And Learn How She Was Able to Recognize Her Problem, Seek Help, & Recover.
Alcohol Blackouts in Teens: Signs, Risks & Rehab OptionsDrinking Until You Black Out Leads to More Than Hangovers. Learn the Risks of Blacking Out, Symptoms & Treatment Options for Your Child's Drinking Problem.
How to Get Help for Teenage Alcohol AbuseDiscussing Your Teen's Drinking Problem is Difficult. Let Us Help. Here Are Our Tips on Confronting and Talking to Your Child About Their Alcohol Addiction.
Alcohol and Breastfeeding: What You Need to KnowNumerous experiments have attempted to understand the relationships between alcohol and breastfeeding
Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol?If you have diabetes and are wondering if you can drink alcohol, you’ll be happy to know that many diabetics can — but only if they do so responsibly.
Alcohol and Brain DamageWhen alcohol is consumed regularly over time, it can take a toll on the brain, especially in the prefrontal cortex and regions of the cerebellum.
Alcohol and Eating DisordersEating and alcohol use disorders may be a coping mechanism for people who suffered from trauma and experience underlying sadness, fear, anxiety and stress.
Explaining Alcoholism To A ChildExplaining alcoholism to children can be difficult, especially if you're the parent. Learn some tips on how to best handle both, and how to get help.
How Alcoholism Can Kill YouAlcoholism can kill you in a number of ways. Learn all about them and how you can get help for alcoholism, whether it's for you or a loved one.
How Alcoholism StartsPerhaps you've heard the stories and read the stats, but have you ever wondered exactly how alcoholism starts? Our page can answer that question and more.
Why Alcoholism Is A DiseaseAlcohol abuse affects thousands of people every year. Learn why alcoholism is a disease and how The Recovery Village can treat it.
Why Alcoholism Is GeneticDid you know some people have a predisposition for alcoholism? Visit our page to learn about how alcoholism can be genetic and how you can get help for it.