Alcohol Addiction Related Topics

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Alcohol Related Topics

Drug and Alcohol Relapse Happens In Three StagesThough relapse is often unplanned and impulsive, there are certain warning signs that can point to the danger of a potential drug or alcohol relapse.
The Influence of Social Media on Alcohol UseSocial media can a powerful tool to combat the stigma of addiction and promote prevention among our youth, but it can also encourage alcohol abuse.
5 Social Determinants of Alcohol Abuse: How People & Environment Influence Drinking BehaviorAlcohol abuse doesn’t just happen out of the blue. A person’s family life, school, peers, and work are all risk factors for alcohol abuse.
10 Signs You Need Alcohol RehabAlcoholics often find it difficult to admit that they may need treatment to overcome their addiction. These 10 signs indicate the need for alcohol rehab.
Why You Shouldn’t Self-Detox From Alcohol At HomeFor many people who quit drinking, entering a treatment program to detox isn't an option they consider. But self-detox can be dangerous for heavy drinkers.
How To Safely Detox From Alcohol At HomeAt-home alcohol detox and withdrawal aren't often advised due to medical complications that can arise. Learn at-home and out-of-home alcohol detox options.
Callie’s Story: Beginning of an Alcohol AddictionCallie shares her first-time encounter with alcohol and the breaking point that led to the beginning of a long-term alcohol addiction.
Drinking Rubbing Alcohol Can Bring Deadly ResultsAlthough the word "alcohol" in its name can make it appear safe, rubbing alcohol can have several negative short- and long-term effects on your body.
How Growing Up In An Alcoholic Home Can Affect ChildrenGrowing up in an alcoholic household can have several lasting psychological and physical effects on the children of an alcoholic.
How to Repair Your Liver After Long-Term Alcohol UseOne of the most common and potentially severe side effects of alcoholism is liver damage, but there are a number of ways you can reverse the effects.