Air Duster Abuse Related Topics

Air duster can become deadly when abused. These air cans contain compressed gas and are typically used to clear dust and debris off keyboards and electronics. But when abused, these simple cleaning devices can be incredibly dangerous. By spraying the material onto a rag and sniffing it, the gas inside air duster produces an immediate rush of euphoria, as well as delusions and hallucinations. While people of all ages can become addicted to air duster, abuse is most common in teenagers.

If you or someone you know abuses air dusters, it’s important to seek help sooner rather than later. The long-term effects of air duster abuse can be significant, including stunted growth, persistent depression, impaired cognition, poor judgement, loss of hearing, weight fluctuations, bone marrow disorders and more. In some cases, air duster abuse can kill. If you notice any of these effects in someone you care about, contacting a professional treatment center like The Recovery Village is a good first step on the road to recovery. Learning more about air duster addiction can help you get a better sense of the professional resources you’ll need. Information about air duster abuse and related topics can be found below.

Air Duster Related Topics

Air Duster Mixing It and AlcoholAir duster is a household item, also called canned air. Air duster is used to clean electronics such as computers that can’t be cleaned with water. Despite the name, air duster isn’t actually air. Instead, air duster contains toxic liquids that then become gases when someone pushes the trigger of the spray can.
Air Duster How Long Does It Stay In Your System?Air duster is referred to by other common names including gas duster and canned air. This product can be purchased from retail stores. It’s used to clean electronics such as computers that can’t be cleaned with water or other liquids. When someone uses air duster, they press a trigger.
Air Duster While Pregnant: What You Need to KnowSo, is it safe to take air duster while pregnant? The answer is no. It is absolutely unsafe to take air duster while pregnant.
What is an Air Duster High?Canned air dusters and products typically contain gases, these fumes can lead to psychoactive effects, which is known as an air duster high.