Adderall is a stimulant prescription medication that is often prescribed to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and in some cases, people with narcolepsy.

Because Adderall is a prescription drug that many people take regularly, some people may accidentally use other substances while on Adderall. Whether intentional or accidental, mixing Adderall and other drugs — including drinking alcohol — is called polysubstance abuse, and it can be potentially dangerous and cause severe reactions.

When Adderall is combined with other stimulants, whether it’s a prescription medication or illicit drug like cocaine, the mixture can produce increase the dangerous side effects of Adderall like raising the heart rate and hallucinations. If someone who is taking Adderall combines it with a depressant like alcohol, the mixture of the two substances may negate the efficacy of Adderall.

In addition to increasing the side effects of Adderall and decreasing it’s intended effects, Adderall and polysubstance use can lead to someone being unaware of the amount of Adderall they are taking because of the masking effects of polysubstance use. Taking large doses of Adderall can result in overdose and death. Conversely, someone mixing Adderall with other substances may have to take more of that substance to experience the desired effects.

Adderall and Commonly Abused Drugs

Treating Adderall and Polysubstance Abuse

Treatment for Adderall and polysubstance abuse is available at rehab centers across the country, including The Recovery Village.

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